Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let There Be Crayons!

Slowly but surely my scraproom is getting cleaner. I got quite a bit done today. Asa had a long morning nap which enabled me to work away at it. However I decided it would be a great idea to multi-task and start downloading videos onto the comp. I get tired of not being able to just grab a tape and record on the fly. The issue I then had was staying focused on the job at hand and not sitting down to watch the videos as they loaded. Ah shucks give a girl a break, I'm pregnant I needed to take a load off anyway. Again I will say, it was slow going...haha.

Jeff took Asa out around 3pm. By this time I was tired and thought it would be best to have a quick power nap before getting back to work. Two hours later I awoke. Barely. Apparently rest is important too. At least the day wasn't a total bust. Besides I did manage to get some things done yesterday also, thanks to a kid who can self entertain! *Insert victory dance here.* For the most part Asa likes to be near or ON me but he also has the wonderful ability to play by himself. Along with reading his new favorite activity is drawing. I am thrilled that he loves to draw and color... not so much when he so proudly shows me the masterpiece he created on 3 pages of my day planner, which he then tore out and brought to me. Doh! Stupid thing is, I saw him sitting quietly in his chair and thought he was reading. Ha. I'll pay better attention next time!

The other day I "cleaned" off my desk, by clean I mean put away any non scrapbooking items and crap that had been piled on it as it is not actually clean in any sense of the word. BUT there is room to work so I took a chance and sat Asa on the chair with some crayons and paper and he played for about 10 minutes. Yesterday he walked into my room, patted the chair to let me know he wanted to draw again and then proceeded to play happily for over 30 minutes. I gave him some pencil crayons, translation for you crazy Americans would be colored pencils. Personally I feel the word "colored" to be offensive and will stick to more accepting and tolerant Canadian term for these delightful imagination fun makers. The best part was that he didn't care that I was in and out of the room doing my own thing. His attention was fully on the task at hand. This task included finding small scraps of paper on my desk to write on, and ignoring the big sheets of paper I had so generously offered him. So being the most amazing mom EVAH, I used my handy paper trimmer, surprisingly it's like riding a bike and I still knew how, and cut up a bunch of small pieces for him.

He just looked so big and grown up sitting there busy as a bee, and thus I had to try and sneak a quick video. The "sneak" part didn't last long but I did manage to catch him on film and so I will share it with you now. I love how he uses both hands to adjust the pencil so he can write better. 17 months is all he is, can you believe it? Sigh.

And did I mention he's really liking music and requests it on a daily basis. Hence the swaying grooves. Hehe.


Anonymous said...

it is hard for you not to sing while you video isnt it? hahahaha
I love seeing him but it sure makes me want to be with you guys. I just want to give him a big hug and kiss. Damn this distance. LOL
Okay I know Hunter is smart but dont let anyone tell you that Asa writing like that isnt advanced for his age. man he has great control. I love him to death!!!! Mom

Anonymous said...

what the heck is on his pant leg? LOL Flashy or what? I didnt notice it the first couple times.

Zee said...

G-ma just sent him these pants. It's a firetruck and when it moves a certain way it flashes. As you can imagine Asa LOVES them! LOL.

I'll see what I can do about getting you a "note" from him. ;)

Zee said...

Ok,someone give me a heads up, if you are NOT on facebook, can still see the video I posted?