Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birthday Wishes

So my birthday is coming up. My goal to have children by 35 has sort of been met. Haha.

There isn't a whole lot that I can think of that I want. Sure I would love some new clothes but there is no point with my current body state. So I have been compiling lists. Yes, plural. Why? Because the reality is, my wishes go far beyond the means of an average birthday gift. But for gits and shiggles I figure I'll share what I have so far.

Completely Unreasonable List

- New house. I don't necessarily mean "new" but actually mean "to own", heck I'd settle for a larger rental at the same price...haha.
- Cruise or two week vacation. Can kids be left at home?
- New camera and lenses.
- Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly maid service. I'm flexible...haha

Unreasonable List

- Just one particular lens Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 XR DI-II LD
- Full spa day for a pregnant woman...they do exist and I love the thought of it...haha.
- I'd like to think this is reasonable, but probably not... Stanley Steamer for livingroom, diningroom and hall.
- A one time only full on house cleaning maid service.
- A really nice 30" swivel bar stool for my tall scrap desk.
- Flat screen TV. Wall mountable preferably and it doesn't have to be top of the line or huge, just a nice viewing size from across the room. 28-30 inches would be perfectly reasonable for this unreasonable gift.


- New stove top tea kettle.
- 6 skeins of this beautiful (more colorful than the picture depicts) thick yarn so Sara can knit me some cool photography props!
2367 Green/Turquoise Yarn Ah heck, for that price you may as well throw in the 2343 Green/Orange/Red Multi and your choice from the top row. Haha.
- Another 3/4 hair piece or brown wig. Yup, I love these, make fun if you like! Isn't this adorable... cute wig.
- Pack of RW-DVD and/or RW-CD's. Def' need the rewrite kind.
- A babysitter so Jeff and I can go out on a date. I'm talking 5-7 hours of of kid free entertainment. Should this be in the unreasonable category?
- Gift certificate for a frame store for when we finally have money to order those photo shoot family pictures.
- Manicure or pedicure.

That's all I've got for now. I'm sure more ideas will come as the days pass, so I might add to this list but there really isn't a whole lot of reasonable gifts I want. Figures. Maybe I need to find myself a sugar daddy. Think Jeff would mind?


Rebecca said...

how bout a platinum wig...jeff might like

Susanne P. said...

i think jeff might mind. =)

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

lol - I like your Birthday wishes ;)