Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So Fortunate

Years ago I had an idea for a scrapbook page, so I started saving all our fortune cookie fortunes. Since we don't eat Chinese a lot(to Jeff's dismay), this took about 2-3 years, including the 9 months I was pregnant with Asa and Chinese food was out of the question...haha. So last fall I started the layout. Yet, once again, it got set aside and I just now was able to complete it. I used the only small photos I had, which are mostly of Asa but they were the only ones on hand that worked. Besides, it applies to all family and friends not just those shown in the pictures. I think when I order photos next I'll order more wallets so that I can tuck a bunch of photos away in the food box and make the layout a bit more interactive.

Lots of TT used here and I have to admit I enjoyed having the option of alpha stickers, much quicker than stamping although I had a very cool stamped title but I just couldn't pull it off with this design as it was too large. The blossoms were hand colored with an orange glaze pen and then gone over with red glaze pen. When that dried I added all the white dots with a white glaze pen. Did I mention that I love those glaze pens? I know it was a lot of hand detailing but this is the kind of stuff that I find relaxing. The chop sticks were also inked and stamped to match.

Hopefully sometime in the next two weeks we will get a chance to go to Ikea and get a little table and chair set for Asa. Right now he wants to color daily and this takes up my desk. So once he has his own space I can dive into more layouts which I am anxious to do!


In other news, Asa is on my bed watching tv. I am sharing this because it's odd. It started while I was folding laundry, which by the way, I thought would be an easy task but even standing still doing this completely winded me. Who thought boxer shorts and t-shirts could be so exhuasting!? Haha. When I finished that we played for a bit on the bed but when I said I had to go have a snack, he "said" he wanted to stay on the bed, that was almost an hour ago. For the first 15 minutes he just sat in there quietly. But with each peak in on him I have turned the tv on, brought him Rowan AKA Ro-Ro, milk, Sara's bug blanky and his snack cup. He is not one to just sit and watch tv either so it's a bit strange for him to be so still. I know he has teeth coming in, and I just hope he's not getting sick. I know something's up cuz he is snuggly and not eating much at all. I hope he feels better soon. Oh ya, and Jeff thinks he's getting sick too, so they better keep it to themselves, that's the last thing I need!

Quick update, before posting this I went in to check on him again. He got all teary eyed and told me that he was done but, he wanted to be carried and held, not an easy feat for me right now. He then had a meltdown but is now fast asleep in his crib. I sure hope he feels better when he wakes up. :(


Devon said...

AW poor kid it does sound like he may be coming down with something. I hope you don't catch it too.

That LO is beautiful!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Danea your LO is just amazing - I really miss seeing your work!!!

Miss M! said...

You disgust me. Dyed and stamped chopsticks? Individually colored flowers? Collecting fortunes for almost three years? BAH!!!

(I hope Asa feels better soon. Jeff too I suppose...)

Susanne P. said...

gorgeous LO. i have seen some of those things laying around your room. way to clean! kills 2 birds with one stone.

i think ordering wallets is a lot of fun. totally a different feel.

Chris Millar said...

Hi Danea, my name is Chris and I am on the design team for Aussie Scrap Source - An Australian Scrapbooking Wholesaler. We are the distributors for Technique Tuesday and I was wondering whether we could borrow this fabulous layout of yours to show on our blog in a few weeks time when we do a feature on Technique Tuesday products. If you would like to share the layout with us please give me an email at and let me know.

Many thanks for your time and congratulations on your new baby!