Monday, April 27, 2009

Two weeks ago today...

Odin Zain was born.

Since then, everyday I have intended to update this blog. I have a "The First Week" entry planned, but with lack of sleep and steady nursing my computer time is limited. When I do get to the comp it is while nursing at 1am and I'm one handed so not much typing is capable. I can't believe it's been two weeks already! It's funny because when Asa was this small I wanted him to stay this way, but seeing and enjoying how interactive Asa is now, I am excited and anxious to see Odie get to a playful stage. Not to mention a regular routine would be great too!

Asa is doing well with adjusting to the baby. I haven't noticed any behavior change, but then again "mama" AKA grandma or g-ma is here to keep him Jeff and I are also making extra one on one time with him so he has no reason to feel left out. Earlier I placed Odin on the couch beside me. Asa grabbed his little quilt from the love seat and headed towards me saying "Baby, night night" then tried to place the blanket around the baby. I helped him, he stood back looking for a moment then said "Nah." grabbed the blanket and walked off. Not quite ready to share his stuff yet...hehe. Odin wants to know when his quilt is coming gramma?

I have some cute videos to share, but again, those still have to be downloaded and time is limited. Maybe later this week.

Sunday I pumped for the first time in a week and it was also the first time Asa had witnessed this. Mom and I were going to get our nails done so I needed some back up milk for daddy to use just in case. Anyway, Asa came over and was staring at the pump attached to my breast. I explained that it was momma's milk for the baby. With one hand swiggin' his juice, he gently placed his other of the back of the pump I was holding. He was helping hold it for me. He continued to help and watch the bottle fill. "Malk" he said a few times. "Yes, milk." I repeated. After a few moments of concentration he smiled, raised his sippy cup to the still attached to my boob plastic bottle, gave it a clunk and said "Deers!" "Cheers!" I said back laughing. Ya gotta love this kid.

Ok, so I am waiting for some props to arrive this week so I can do a photo shoot with Odin. Last week I snapped a couple of test shots to see if this kid would be pose-able. Since he wasn't actually asleep, I'm pretty sure my answer is yes, so I'm pretty excited to try some new poses with him. Here are the shots:

Then of course there is Asa pointing out the baby parts. This was "Toes." Much better than his attempt at "Eye" which had all three of us suddenly yelling "NO!" then calmly adding "Gentle." LOL.


Miss Anne said...

simply amazing.

aren't they?

i can't wait to have one.

you are so blessed!

Renee' Dezember said...

What a cutie!!!

Outnumbered said...

he is so sweet!!!

Miss M! said...


lol - I loved "nah." Too cute. in these pics - especially the second to the last one - he totally looks like Jeff. Poor kid... :)

Susanne P. said...

sara is right, Odin looks just like Jeff right now.

and the cheers, OMG i have been laughing for a good 10 min now. it just keeps popping up in my head. i love that kid.

Anonymous said...

I know he looks like Jeff but Danea i saw you so much in the first pictures. Maybe the expresion I dont know but you as a baby was the first thought I had. I cant wait till I am there to hold him. I l;ove the picture of his feet and Asa's hand.
My grandsons are just the cutest ever!!!!!
Tell Terry I wish I could have came when she was there. I miss seeing her.The boys are so lucky to have her a s a gramma. love ya Terry and thanks for taking such good care of my daughter. You are the best!