Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gym Bag

When I was a kid, my mom made me a gym bag. I don't remember what grade I was in maybe 3? maybe 5? I really don't know. Everyone was to have one and we needed it for our running shoes, shorts and t-shirt. It was made out of a thick blue material, almost canvas like, and had a draw string closer. I liked it at first, but after a couple years, was almost embarassed by it. I asked for a new one each year but since it was in good shape, there was no need to spend extra money. Sadly, no new gym bag was to be had as I rarely participated in PE. LOL. So why am I talking about this gym bag? I dreamt about it last night. Had it not been for that, I don't think I would have given any more thought to it. It wasn't anything I used often or wanted to keep. But last night, I reached into that bag and pulled out some folded notes from friends and a few other items which I vaguely remember. I was looking for something, my memory fails as for what, but I do remember being pleasantly surprised at seeing and rummaging through that old bag. Makes me wonder where that bag is now? Funny how the mind works, and dreams, well every night is a new adventure.

As for today, I finished all 4 LO's that are due Friday, not bad two days work. Unfortunately I cannot post the others as it's all new stuff for the next trade show. I just made an attempt for one more entry into the MM contest at but got half way done and ran out of steam. Midnight is the deadline...hehehe. Not a total loss as it will be great for Susanne. :)

I am off to veg in fron of the tv and play with my babies. Tomorrow is another busy day!