Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Very Frustrating Day!

UGH!!! I just typed this all out and lost it!

So I was working on a page for Memory Trends that I figured would take an hour or so, NOPE that page will be the death of me as I still can't pull it together. It's a silly first birthday page and I just don't know why I can't make it work? I started it around 9am! I was almost in tears of frustration and on top of that, my finger started hurting. Woe is me...LOL. So I decided to work on a different page and since it uses already released product, I am posting it. It's my brother and niece. I just loved this picture, and put a filter on it to look more like a painting. I kept the page simple, not really my style but I am very happy with the outcome, 'cept that the left and right edges are cut off in the scan. ;) Click on it to see a closeup.

Good news of the day is that my rhuematologist changed my Enbrel to one injection a week. YIPPEE!! Oh and I have an appointment with the hand surgeon Sept 12th. :)

Ok, I am off to work on that darn page...sigh...


Wendy said...

oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is simpler than your normal style, but I love the artistic feel to it. AND you used those foamie puzzle thingies. We got those at CKU (very controversial, let me tell you!) But! True to Zee fashion, you made it look pretty cool. Now I'm glad I saved a few. You are probably the person who sends me to the LSS with an open wallet faster than any other artist out there! LOL!

Good luck on finshing your page. I'm sure it looks fabulous.

Zee said...

Thanks Wendy. I was very pleased to pull off a "simple" page like this. As for those Connectiles..Ugh! Poor karen, if it was the masters CKU then yes, I heard all about it, except I got to hear it from Karen herself. She was so upset about it all that she vowed to never teach at a masters again. I have always thought those were pretty cool, but hadn't yet used them. I bet it they had been made of chipboard cku attendee's would have reacted differently. Not to mention reactions took on a mob effect. Karen said she did a few people whisper that they really liked the class, as if they were afraid of looking uncool! Oh well, I think they are neat! Maybe I'll see some used from you soon...LOL. :)

Anonymous said...

i feel bad for designer who overhear this in their classes. it is beyond rude.

i love how you made those look amazing on this kind of LO. the only thing i could think of when i saw them was a child playing kind of LO.

btw, this LO got the most "awwww's" than the other ones you sent. the title is priceless.

thanks so much for recreating it for the store.