Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Morning Musings

Very tired but have lots to do. Four LO's need to be done and in CI's hands by Friday so my goal is two for today. Plus I was really hoping to get one more contest entry done by the deadline, which is tomorrow Bwahaha! Good luck with that.

Just heard a commercial on the radio about getting your photos out of your digi camera and into a scrapbook. Looks like we are slowly taking over the world. MuuuWahaha *Evil Cackle*.

I have an appointment scheduled with the hand surgeon on Sept 12th. I sure hope I can get in for surgery right away. Would be great to have it done before Christmas! Oh and I also put a request in to my DR to get my Enbrel dose changed to 50ml, which would mean one dose a week instead of two. Sure would be nice to have less needles!

Ok back to work I get.


Julianne said...

Hi Danea

I sure am glad you are a blogger now. I can keep up with what is happening in your life. All the best with the surgeon. Just spent some time with your masterpieces..woweeeeeeeeee...your work is sooo awesome. Love ya and hi to Jeff(oh love him 2 of course)hehehehe

Zee said...

Thanks Julianne :) Hope all is well with you! You got a rock on that fingure yet? Hehehe