Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I'm home. I'm tired. I'm done.

The trip to MOA was exhuasting. So many things went wrong that I spent much of the time trying to fix things, but often ended up even more frustrated! I have decided to no longer teach for this comapny. I love working with them, representing them and working with their products and hope that doesn't end any time soon. Also wanted to note that my wonderful husband was a huge help, setting up the projector and laptop, he even cut 100's of peices of ribbon! What a guy! *kiss*

Saw the hand surgeon yesterday and I am now waiting for a surgery date. I found out the reason my middle finger on my left hand juts forward (forming a gang sign like symbol) is because that artifical joint is dislocated. The end dislodged from the bone. Sounds like an easy fix but I'm not worried about it right now and will wait until the other hand is taken care of. It's been like that over a year now so a few more months won't hurt. Oh and this DR seems like a really great guy so I am feeling very confident with all this.

Onto other things. My oldest brother says there is no need to visit my blog as he is only interested if he sees pictures of himself. Well here ya go Mr. Vain. Can't say I never do anything for ya!


Ok, I finished tidying my scrap space and now must get working on assignments.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I am cracking up! that is a hilarious pic. reminds me of "funnily" LOL.

hope you are getting some rest. any news for the surgery date?

Miss M! said...

He's hot... ha ha ha! Loves it!

I love how you just talk about surgery like if you are going to get a pedicure or something. I hope everything goes well.