Monday, October 03, 2005

Been Slackin'

Yes I have been slacking with my posts, but I will be sure to catch up tomorrow.

Went to the airshow with Jeff yesterday, slathered on the sunscreen but managed to miss a section on my chest, just below my neck. So now I am wearing a nice red collar. I suck! Just bought a pretty top that has straps and is open across the top of the chest. I'll be wearing it next Sunday night and hope I don't look like a total dork. Sigh. I'm gunna look like a total dork.


Anonymous said...

do you want me to wear something dorky? LOL


Zee said...

It's not what I'm wearing that will be dorking, but how I'll have the red collar. It's how it will look that's dorky. It's not your clothes you need to be worried about girl. Hehehe.

wendy said...

I'm just STOMPING MY FOOT in pouty-ness that I'm missing out on meeting up with you all (and the chance to see your red collar). Have fun you guys!!