Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Human Feet & Earth Shoes

There is one fact I have lived with most of my life and have come to accept, I have messed up feet. They are not just a site that scares small children, but actually cause me a great deal of grief. Until a few weeks ago I figured that buying shoes that didn't hurt me was impossible and actually gaged whether a shoe was buyable by the scale of pain they caused. For years I had been telling Jeff that I should probably just bite the bullet and go into one of those trillion dollar a pair, shoe stores and purchase soming orthapedic. Never was I going to have cute little heals or dainty little slip-ons so I just needed to accept my fate of clunky hippy shoes.

Then came that faithful day waaaaay back in Sept that I asked Jeff to go to Nordstoms with me and see what they had to offer. That was when I was introduced to "Earth" shoes. Simply put, I LOVE them! The best part, NO pain. They are not beautiful but they are not ugly either. They have anatomic footbeds, which means the heal is lower then the toes. Feels kinda strange at first but quite comfy once you get walking around. This is the pair I bought.

A little more pricey then I am used to but I'm sure they'll last forever. But the good news doesn't end there. After realizing that I did indeed like these shes and they were very much the comfort fit that the sales lady said they would be, I decided to do an online search to see what other goodies this company might have. Low and behold they had the very item I have only dreamed about, well except that in my dreams they have heals and are as comfy as walking on a cloud, but this is reality and as good as it gets. Flat, knee high boots! I have always wanted a pair but could never find flat ones that didn't lace or have fur. These have really cute embroidery and as sexy as it will get for me...LOL. So I called the company about sizing and they said that each shoe fits the same, so it should be safe to order online. Teehee. I did! Woohoo. Granted the calf may not fit by I am crossing my fingers they do. here's what's on the way...

This is a pair that I think are so cute and are now on my want list. But really I need to save for a good black pair.

So I was telling my friend Missy of my finds and delight when she asked if I had ever tried nursing shoes. I have tried them on and as I told her, they are too flexible at the toe which causes me pain. She was quite surprised as these are said to be the most comfortable. I agreed and said that I was sure it was due to my messed up feet. This is when she said "I guess so, as they are great for human feet." ROFLOL. WHAT?! As apposed to my alien feet? Hehehe. Ummm ya so that wasn't quite what she meant to say but it's really not far off. ;)


Anonymous said...

LMAO at the human feet. Missy cracks me up! that is "funnily".


Anonymous said...

Now everyone is going to think I am this terrible awful person that makes fun of people with alien feet....but please don't judge me until you have seen those beauties in person. LOL LOL, I am probably not getting a lot of sympathy with this post.

I still think Danea is the lucky one. Her foot imperfection can easily be covered with a shock and shoe....where as I wear my big nose right in the center of my face!!!!


Anonymous said...

ooops I meant to write sock and shoe not Shock and shoe.


wendy said...

you both are so wierd, all these posts about shoes and stuff on your respective blogs. I'm so bummed I'm missing the fun this weekend!!! Have a great time!!!

oh. DH gets really wierd if I try and buy any shoe in the 'comfort' category (the closest I get is aerosoles). i now you three are thinking wtf. just buy what YOU want. well, one time, I just bought a pair of birkenstock looking sandles and brought them home. Never ever saw them again....

Zee said...

So you actuallu had a pair of shoes go missing at the hands of your husband? LOL. Those aren't cheap shoes either! But I think these comfy shoes are cute too, or would he disagree? ;)

And Missy, i can't hide my lack of chin so I can relate, but I want to add that I don't think your nose is big, at least I never nose-ticed...hehe