Wednesday, November 09, 2005


So I have been bustin' my butt these past couple days on this first part of this HUGE assignment. Turns out that in all the confusion, the letter stickers I have been bustin' my butt to use on every page...not necessary. In fact these first 4 pages could have used anything from this new collection. My creativity was somewhat stifled but I am going out of town tomorrow and it's too late now to make more. They will get these four which will be featured on free idea cards to be placed near the products. The only bummer is that now I have to create a lot more pages using these letter stickers, as sample pages will be printed on the actual sticker sheets. Umm that's the pages I thought I was doing...ugh! LOL.

So besides finishing this last page, writing instructions, doing laundry, running to the post office, running to fedex, running to the pharmacy, creating the TT cards, I will have to pack and apparently go get toilet paper as we're down to the last roll. Today. So why you ask, am I sitting here writing in my blog. Because I'm a &&%#&&**@#! PROCRASTINATER! LMBO! Ok seriously I need to run and want to wish everyone a happy weekend. Hehehe. I will be staying with Susanne until Monday and basking in the creative energy of Ali Edwards on Saturday. :)

Have a good one!


wendy said...

Now I have the jealousies...

Have fun this weekend!!!

Miss M! said...

I have them too Wendy. I wanna go play with Susanne too!

I SUPPOSE it would be tolerable to see Zee too again... *sigh* *eyeroll*

bwa hahahahaha!

strawberrygirl said... put me on your links. I feel so loved:) Touchy-feely hugs for everyone!!!!!!