Monday, November 07, 2005

A wasted Day BUT I Made It Through Childhood!

Yes, today was a wasted day and I have sooo much work to do. I was surprised with my third visit of the itchies this week. Luckily they usually start late evening but for some reason they started in the morning. I say luckily because the antihistamine pill they prescribed apparently makes me VERY sleepy. So I took a fraction of this pill before breakfast, (I can take smaller amounts if I take it before I really start to itch) and by 10am I was exhausted. Got a last minute call at 11:20 to take my MIL to the doctors, had lunch, showered and went to bed at 2:30. I got up at 4pm. Yikes!

Guess I really should try and figure out what has brought on this sudden allergy. Sigh.

I was reading Karen's blog and she started talking about childhood and how it's amazing we lived through it. It's true though. When I look at all the safeties and precautions taken now that we didn't have. Oy! Natural selection I guess?!

I used to walk to and from school all by myself. Eat unchecked Halloween candy. Rode a 5 speed bike, 10 times too big for me, without a helmet and my cabbage patch kid, Gabe, tightly wedged between the handle bars and brake wires. I would go off on my own and set up my My Little Ponies near the sewer fall in the woods behind our house. Play near "uncovered" electrical sockets..ummm and my brother actually stuck a penny in one, mom still has the melted penny. Brother is slower then most now. Teehe, he's not really slower now, he always was slower...LOL. Hats, sunscreen and long sleeved shirts were not required while at airshows or other unsheltered, sunny events. I had to suffer through heat stroke with the nice people who's camper provided enough shade for me to make it until the end. What, leave? But it's not over yet, she'll be fine! "No her eyes aint rolling back into her head, she's just trying to see the Blue Angels...Now go on and sit down."

And then as Karen mentioned there were seat belts, well sorta. We actually had cars that didn't even have seat belts. But in one case, we had a vehicle to which seat belts would have been welcome, but were not provided. This truck also had a faulty door. So when I hear of these tails I cannot believe that my parents felt it was fine to just grab when a "seat belt" was needed.

Let me explain. Like I said, this truck had a faulty door. The door would infact fly open when you rounded a corner too fast. Apparently this happened often. Often enough to warrant the verbal warning of "don't lean on that door" moments before a turn. Often enough to actually loose a child, me, on a snowy winter day. It's ok though I was bundled head to toe in a snowsuit and thus, looked just like a large, blue star fish tumbling down into the ditch. But apparently not often enough to think... Hmmm maybe we should jimmy this door shut so the danger of our children flying out and over a cliff will be eliminated. Nope, that thought never happened and when mom recaps the stories she seems proud at how many times she did actually catch us. "I caught you more times then I didn't". Or, "Oh come on, you were a baby and it was winter. You only fell out three times. Not a scratch on you." Comforting, but I always liked the... "I even caught Dusten by the arm with one hand still on the wheel. That door just flew open, I grabbed him, his legs just a kickin' in the wind. Didn't even have to slow the truck down. Pulled him back in and did a quick swerve to get the door to swing shut." When I asked why, if she knew the door would fly open, did they not slow down? The reply was... "Things were different then, we just didn't think about stuff like that." What? You didn't think about slowing down or tying the door shut because it could pose a danger to your children? Alas, those were the good ol' days. Laid back, no cares or worries. Sure the jokes are there, Danea fell out of truck...Oh that explains it... What, more than once? LOL. Yup, but this doesn't mean my parents didn't love us. They wouldn't have made the attempts to grab if they didn't. Right?

Aaaaaaaa Good Times.

**Note: Actual quotes may have been elaborated but all events are true and factual.


Missy said...

Holy crap that is a riot Zee. OMG your comments about the bike with your cabbage patch doll were exactly how I used to ride my bike. Your truck story can not be funny that is. That makes me getting up on the dashboard of my moms old Pontiac Catalina (with no seat belts) sound like perfectly safe and acceptable riding position.

Thanks for the laugh!!!!

Anonymous said...

scrappincrazy says:

holy shit! a blue starfish! LMAO!

"we didn't think about things like that them" WTF??

i am so glad you survived. =)

MOM said...

Thanks for the Mom of the century write up! LOL Guess the point is you did make it and so did millions of others and sometimes I think parents do get a little carried away now adays. Bumps and cuts and falls are part of growing up and it leads to good stories(heehee)later. Let your kids take some chances and be kids. I am not forgetting things have changed and seatbelts are a blessing and strangers are to be aware of so be careful and cautious but lewt them licve a life they arent afraid of everything. I love you Danea you are amazing. guess I did something right LOL

wendy said...

OMG. That is so funny Danea. And so true!! Glad you made it, too.

Miss M! said...

OH MY GAWD, I am laughing so hard at your visuals that I am crying! LOL, I needed this.

You rolled into the ditch! bwa ha haha!

I was reading about your Cabbage Patch Kid, and I was like, OMG, MY CPK was named Gabe too! WHOA! What are the odds???

Then I remembered mine was Daniel. Daniel Lombard. Ooops.

Karen said...

Uh oh. Mom busted you, D! ha ha. This is a riot! You crack me up.