Friday, November 18, 2005

Silly Rabbit. Tricks Are for Kids!

Warning: This evening thoughts will vary as I don't have a set topic...just ramblings.

Miss M posted about Garbage Pale Kids recently. It made me chuckle. It took me back to childhood memories. Like playing in Becca's basement and opening an old broken down freezer to find the horrid stench of rotting meat. YUCK! Or hanging out in her room for hours listening to the radio. Songs like "I want your sex", that was a VERY controversial song, even made the evening news! LOL. But I was also reminded this weekend, whilst visiting Susanne, of a more humorous memory. The name of my friend will be changed for it is really embarrassing. Aaaah but mostly it is a fun memory, one that brings a smile and a snicker, that passes ever so softly over my lips. And my friends, I cannot be selfish with this memory as it might make you laugh and I would never want to hold back on a sharing something as important as a guffaw.

Just down the road from or house was a creek. Well actually it ran behind our house and you could walk done to it's banks, but at the end of the street was a forrest area that lead to a large clearing and access to the creek. I spent may hours playing at the creek, My Little Ponies in tow, but this large clearing was also a short cut to and from school. I didn't take it much as it was creepy when by yourself, but it also has steep banks on either side and you often had to find old tree limbs to get across, especially if for some reason the water level had rose.

One particular afternoon on our way home (sixth grade) my friend "Sally" and I decided to take this shortcut. We were anxious to get home, the main reason I cannot recall, but the bathroom urge for her was reason enough. We cut across the deserted field and through the woods to the creek clearing. This is where the good idea started to turn sour. It had been raining for days and the water level was high. Add to that, Sally was dressed in her new shiny dress pants and mini healed shoes. We could see that crossing was not going to be easy, but instead of turning back, an idea came to her. I was wearing boots, we would switch shoes and she would carry me on her back.

Hmmm I thought. Pretty impressive, and doable. All aboard!

So with me on her back and her in my boots we set off. She was doing quite well. Carefully stepping from one rock to the next and then onto a large fallen tree trunk. Steadily we moved, laughing at every slight slip and dip. When she reached the edge of the tree, a sharp realization hit us both, no more tree and still about 10 feet of water and muck to the other side.

"Look over there" I said, pointing down stream to what appeared to be a clear way across.

"Nah, we're this far, I'll just jump as far as possible, and then walk the rest of the way."

Sounded good to me. So she jumped. Looking back that was probably the worst thing to do as it heightened our impact and we sunk about 4 inches down, then 5, then 6... So there we were. Stuck in the mud. She couldn't put me down as I was wearing her shoes, so she just pulled with all her might trying soooo hard to release a boot, either boot. It didn't matter at this point, we just wanted to be free. At the realization of the situation, we both felt panic, then the laughter hit. Then the panic of the laughter as Sally REALLY had to pee. Then the panic of the laughter, the pee and the weight of me. Then the silence.... And then the laughter at the silence as there was no more need for Sally to pee.

Yes, yes... There we stood, I on her back, laughing like game day at the funny farm, stuck in mud that reached the top of my now soiled boots. What to do, what to do? After about 10 minutes the laughter turned to frustration.. "F*** It" came from her 12 year old mouth and out slipped her nyloned foot, and into the mud we went. Each step revealing that slurping suction sound as she pulled from the frigid mud. We reached the bank and she plunked me down. I couldn't help but laugh again as I was in disbelief of what she had just done.

But the party wasn't over. We turned back to see my boots, just standing there, sad and lonely. Thankfully (or not) my older brother happened by right about then. He rescued my boots and I don't think he was wise to the "accident". It all worked out in the end.

The moral of the story: Never attempt to cross a creek, with a friend on your back after heavy rains, while having to pee. That's right, it's not worth it, so cross it off your to do list. Unless of course you are a crazed scrapper and you have the perfect page in mind. In that case, have a third friend ready to take pictures...hehehe.

On another note, I got a new fake ponytail yesterday. I got it on eBay...hehehe. I LOVE it. It's very real looking and's what I had originally looked for.Why would I want one? So I don't have to fuss with my hair. It's even easier then a darn hat. I just pull my hair into a pony tail and clip it on top. So why would I want a pony tail OVER my pony tail? Cuz MY pony tail is pathetic, as my hair is too fine. Regardless, it's perfect, I'm wearing it and I have pictures! Yippee. Oh but they are hard flash pictures, sorry.

Pretty real looking huh!? It's all fake baby! (Just the pony hair, the bangs and such are REAL) LOL

Ummm really should start another LO.




Anonymous said...

OMG you are such a funny story teller. It makes me miss you so much. I was laughing so hard and then all of a sudden I started crying cause I miss our laughing and talking so much. i miss you Danea. I love you , MOM xoxoxo Dont ever stop your stories I love them.

Anonymous said...

omg that pony is so real looking! it looks great on you! does it feel like mine? perfect color.


Zee said...

Mom, I miss you too. Don't worry, I'll keep the stories coming. XOXO

Susanne, yes it feels like yours, at least I think it does, hard to tell when not side by side...LOL. It doesn't clump up like the cheap one...LOL.

Miss M! said...

Holy crud that's some good looking fake hair!

I promise not to do that creek thing. Of course, there aren't many creeks around here, but I'll keep it in mind in case I find one.

wendy said...

omg. Zee, you have the funniest stories. A childhood worthy of a children's novel!! TFS them.

And I love the hair. Looks fabulous!