Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pieces Of Me

I've been inspired lately to scrap more about myself. The little things in my daily life. Who am I? What makes me, ME?

I had been sitting quietly, thinking about my likes and dislikes my loves, my past, my future. All the events and experiences that have made me who I am. I leaned back in my chair and thought for a moment about the pieces on me. What are the REAL pieces of me? That is when my eye's fell upon a small plastic container with the red bio hazard sticker. That's it! These are the TRUE pieces of me. These are what make me who I am today and thus I will share. Flesh and blood, yes. Metal and plastic, darn tootin'! Ha ha. (click photo's to enlarge)

You can see the tear in the joint, yup these are what my knuckles look like. The metal bar is from my wrist fusion, it is suspected that this "plate" is part of the reason for the damaged joint as it appeared to bump into that joint.

Somewhere I have more pieces but I don't feel like looking..LOL. But here's some pictures of the pretty and dainty little splint I am plaqued with for the next 3 weeks. Jeff says it could make small children cry, and when I get a glimps from the corner of my eye I feel like I have a hook for a hand...LOL.

Umm, yes that is a cut up stocking on my hand...LOL. They only gave me this stretchy bandage stuff and quite frankly it hurt, so this was all I could think of..hehe.

The good news is, I can just barely touch my thumb to my fingertips. All my knuckles, especially the new one, are very stiff. But daily exercises should have me good as new in no time! So I am going to attempt to scrap today...hehehe. Wish me luck!


karen said...

Whoa! All that hardware was IN YOU?! You amazing robo-chick, you! Might I just say that your hand looks very unhooklike and I'll be disappointed if you don't use that killer tag that's a-hangin' from your splint on a layout someday?! :) Happy Scrapping!

Zee said...

LOL! This aint even half of what's in me! Just that the rest is permanent. Someday I will try and scan some x-rays...hehehe. As terrible as it sounds I have joked that if a fell upon a tragic murderous death and my skeletol remains were found, they could pick my up in one peice like a biology class skeleton! LOL. Definetly wouldn't need dental records to identify me!

The tag is soft/suede like...definetly usable! ;)

DH said...

I have proof that not only does your splint cause small children to cry but also scares small fuzzy animals!