Sunday, April 23, 2006

What do you get when...

You put me in a room with Kevyn Aucoins book Making Faces, a bag of makeup, my digi camera and my husband working in the garage?

Why the makings for a self photo shoot, that's what!

A self photo shoot is not as easy as it sounds. I used my Day Light lamps in my scrap room, strung a black backdrop behind me and used a hand held shutter release. The problem is I had to guess if I was in the right spot, take a few shots, get up and look, make adjustments, try again, get up and look...repeat, repeat, repeat...LOL. I'm still learning my new camera so I used auto. Some shots where blury, but some of those are my favorites. I also played with a few in photoshop. I blew them out and really liked the effect. So without further a du, here are the results of a quick impromptu to enlarge...

This is my favorite, I like the look of this with the extreme lighting.

Another one that's blown out. This is one of my favorite shots despite the blurriness. ;)

This one cracks me up, I'm so not slick, like I'm trying to appear...LOL.

This is the first shot, normal mode. The lighting was still a bit harsh, actually I think it was just too close but I wasn't trying for perfection, just having fun.

This is the second shot before blowing it out.

And this is what happens when your husband walks in and gives you a kiss. Ya, ya so I asked him to kiss me, and he knew I was taking the pic. Don't judge me! :p

So there ya have it. I just really wish I had a subject to shoot today. Anyone wanna come over and play? Pretty please?


cari said...

Be right over....

Devon said...

You look awesome!!! I'll come over next time i'm out there and we can have another fun photo shoot!!!

Missy said...

Very cool. I'm glad to see that you kept yourself amused. Your eyes were not that dark at all...I was thinking black, black, hollywood eyes. On the first picture if you look at it real quick you look like you have no that would be an interesting look.

mom said...

Thought you said noone left comments? Go darker and have fun, cant wait to play. look out Shania her comes Danea! Now if yoy could just sing better then her. I know you can but I know you dont think so. Has anyone else heard this girl sing Elle Fitz aucustic. She brought tears to my eyes. lightbulb, that would sure make someone a nice mother's day gift.HHHMMMMMMMMMM wonder who might like that?

Zee said...

Wierd, I wasn't getting notifications...LOL.

Cari...I wish! ;)

Devon, would love to, you take beautiful photo's and can be my model anyday!

Missy, I thought I was going so dark! LOL. I guess it seemed that way cuz I never put shadow under the eye, but will definetly do so more now. LOVE that book! I tried to blow it out, just enough to see a hint of nose..hehe.

MOM, geeez, no one can tell that you're my mom and think everything I do is great! LOL. I aint got nothing on Shania. And about that whole mothers day hint... well it won't happen...sorry. The reason, because you would make everyone and their dog listen to it and I would be mortified! Just because you think I'm great at everything doesn't mean the rest of the world does. And No, don't argue with me.

Uh, Uh, I said don't argue! :p

Missy said...

LOL....that is totally what Mom's are for isn't it!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya ya nice photos of you.
I think i speak for all the ladies when i say " More pics of your hot brother! maybe with his shrit off.

Anonymous said...

wow! bring your stuff when you get here and we can take some pics together.

your pics are awesome.


Miss M! said...

"Anonymous said...
Ya ya nice photos of you.
I think i speak for all the ladies when i say " More pics of your hot brother! maybe with his shrit off.

9:27 PM "

GEE, I wonder who on earth that anonymous poster is???

LOL! Does it run in the family?

Love the pics! You nerd. :)