Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blog Guilt

Sometimes I just have nothing interesting to say. Sometimes I just don't have much time. Sometimes I feel guilty about not having anything say, or too little time. Aaaaaah!

I know I am not the only person who feels this pressure, but unlike some who always have great blog material *CaughKarenCaugh*, I am just not a good coming up with fun and witty things to I keep people amused.

I like to include pictures but all the stuff I have been working on lately is secret summer release stuff. For you Technique Tuesday fans...Oooooooh are you gunna like this stuff!! Unfortunately you'll have to wait.

Hopefully tomorrow I can come up with some news worthy blog stuff and get this baby updated properly!

'till then...


Missy said...

LOL Zee, I think you put too much pressure on yourself to come up with something interesting, whitty, and "blog worthy". I of course have felt the same way, but usually just go ahead and post about my boring day or week. That's probably way my blog is boring and read by all of 3 people....but what the heck - that is the way my life goes.

Miss M! said...

I have a boring blog too. I just think of it as my journal though, and remember this is why I am not a columnist for some national paper or something. You know, cuz then I'd be screwed.

I'm sending you white sharpies. Pressies from Miss M!

Zee said...

OOOOhhh Goody Goody Gum drops!! Thanks Girl.

Oh and I guess that's really how I should view my own blog. ;)

christina said...

i think that everybody thinks their own blogs are boring, i know i think mine is LOL. but i love reading other ppl's blogs and i read yours and missy's and cathy R's blogs on a somewhat regular basis.

mom said...

Well as your mother I live for your blogs so get busy sunshine! heheheh Does anyone know your nickname was weiner beiner when you were a kid? LOL