Thursday, June 08, 2006

Creepy Crawlies

I feel like I have been neglecting my dear blog yet again. I have been hard at work all week on assignments, 4 down three to go. I doubt I will get three finished by tomorrow as I had hoped but I'll give it a shot.

I was thinking about a couple things and thought I should give an update on my hand. My finger no longer hurts. To try and make sense of it, it seems to have been dislocating to a new point and once there stopped hurting. That's the best I can explain it. Like I said these things come and go. I have not decided on hand surgery yet, still waiting on CHA info, in hopes that I can work the show.

Jeff and I went to another airshow last weekend. It was a good one at a military base, lots of cool, big & loud aircraft. We left early in the morning as t was a 2.5 hour drive. When we arrived the gates where not yet open and people were parked on the two lane road waiting to get in. We pulled up and shut the truck off. I looked at the antenna and said "Look at that long web hanging there." I looked at him and then glanced back as the sun glistened off of three more webs streaming off the antenna. Thinking that was strange that 4 webs were stuck to the antenna in less then 20 seconds we started looking around.

Dudes, it was like being in a horror film. I am not a spider fan, I can handle most anything but this was freaky. The air, grass, farm road fence, EVERYWHERE was covered in webs. They were hitting the truck, big long webs floating through the air. It was the creapiest thing I have ever seen! I made a comment about maybe not sticking around to see the show but he assured me that it would be different on the base.

Thankfully it wasn't so bad, but we set up our chairs right near the gates they put up in front of the runway and every now and again a web would get caught. I looked down the row of gates and could see little spiders about the size of your finger nail all along the metal bars. Even on the gate a foot in front of me. There were three reddish brown spiders that every once and a while would puff up and have a quick little fight and then scurry back to their safety zones. Jeff quickly brushed my leg at one point and when I said "What" he simply smiled and said "You don't want to know." Oh yes I did and was completely freaked to see another spider scurrying by my feet. So besides being on edge in fear of another spider landing on me, the show was great, hot, and creepy but still great!

I don't have any spider pics but here's the C-17 for ya. :)


DH said...

Nice shot! Got any of an F-15?

cheryl mezzetti said...

Wowsa that is alot of spiders. Not a fan at all.

Good luck with the assignments.

Miss M! said...

They were like the balloonist spiders in Charlottes's Web!

Anonymous said...

miss m!, that is exactly what i was going to say! my dh would've been outta' there....2.5hr drive or not.

that is a great pic. i don't really like planes but that pic is so clear! great shot.


karen said...

Arachnophobia!!! How creepy! Ewww. Love your photo, though. Way to be a trouper!