Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sale-ing Through The Day

It was a successful SALE! Yard sale that is. Missy and I teamed up and had a large yard sale at my place yesterday. The hot deals- Scrapbook supplies what else?!

We did have a few household items, some pictures, a couple shelves, pasta bowls, some books and a couple items of clothing but the bulk of the sale was scrapbook supplies, stickers, embellishments, stamps etc.

The truth is, I had to talk Missy into even having a sale. She decided to separate items as she unpacked in her new place a couple months ago and I could not believe how many boxes full of goodies she had when we went to pick up their stuff Friday night. Seriously folks, it was deal city, and half way through the day, the girl who kept saying "Nah" to a garage sale, was counting her cash with a grin on her face and planning the next sale...Ha ha! Jeff told me to stay away from her side of the sale (She had MUCH more then I)which I did pretty much but as I saw people paying for items I continuously caught myself saying "What, you had those in the sale, DUDE I really need to check out your stuff!" I picked here and there and had my little buy from Missy pile going...hehe.

One lady, first thing in the morning with her dear husband, who helped her pick through, spent around $140 that's after more deals too. She was here for over an hour and when we sat discussing what she bought we figured it would have retailed around $500-600, so she was a very happy camper!

Was it pathetic that we had about a half dozen people ask if we had just closed a store? UGH! LOL. You know your an addict when...hehehe. The big surprise,only a couple people bought paper. We had tonne's of paper so it was really surprising that it wasn't selling. People weren't even looking. It was a seller at my first garage sale and I think I only had 1 or 2 actual scrappers hit that sale. So we figure when we do this again in Nov we will package up the paper and then it might do better.

The only downside to the day. It was so stinking hot! Somewhere in the mid 90s! Oh and Missy had an album stolen and I had a purse stolen. :( Seriously people they were a few bucks and we were excepting ridiculous offers on items. Thieves, they make me sick! Scum sucking b%$$^@rds. Can I say that on my blog? Huh, well it makes me angry, it's the principle ya know. So I figure yes I can say that on my blog, it's my HA!

The grand totals of the day for selling pretty much just scrapbook supplies, and we're talking $.25-1.00 for the majority of items (except for stamps which ranged from $2-5):
Missy: $397.00 (had she not just given me my pile in the end and made me pay she would have broke $400...hehe)
Myself: $261.00

Not too shabby! And yes you read correctly we'll be having another sale in Nov, Missy's already feenin' for the next one! *wink*


becky said...

woohoo!! great job! i hope if/when we do a sale this summer i am that successful :)

mom said...

did you get any deals for your mommy? LOL gkad it all went well.

Missy said...

LOL Danea, yes I was very excited about the results of our garage sale. I got rid of so much space consuming stuff and made a little money to boot. Now that I have come off my garage sale high I am not as excited about the next one as I was on Saturday....but I will keep my most of my remaining stuff for one more sale in the fall before it goes to the school. Took out a bunch of ugly ugly paper, some stickers, and stuff to make a little donation....but kept all the making memories and good stuff for the next one....hehehe. It was a fun day.