Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bumpy Ride

Things sure have been crazy this past weekend. The 105+ weather has only added to the drama..haha. I haven't updated for many reasons, the one finger typing being the main, but I got creative this morning as I am a two handed/two finger typer, I simply needed a lever on my right hand. So I came up with this, very simple solution.

My recovery has been quite easy. Very little pain, almost too suprisingly little! I was wired all Thursday, barely slept the first two nights until early Fri morning when it finally hit me and I slept like a baby. I felt so good on Sat, and was down to one pain killer, so we went for our weekly Perdo's lunch and then Mom, Mom, and myself went and did a little shopping. My mom wasn't feeling to hot so we came home to nap. She did but my wonderful husband decided to fight the heat and do some planting so I went and hung outside with him. When we came back inside mom was worse. So bad in fact I called the nurse hotline who spoke with her and advised her to go to emergency immidiately. Yup, we ended up spending the night in emergengy with poor mom. She has been hospitalized back home twice in the past two years for this "unknown" reason. They always sent her home with no explanation for the extreme abdominal pain she has been experiencng. Sat night it took 5 shots of morphine to calm the pain. It was so hard to see her in that state. But after a CAT scan they discovered it was Pancreatitis. It was so nice that she finally had an answer and something to go home with and have more tests run.

As for myself, my knee ballooned up on Sun and my shin started throbbing. I can honestly say that my leg was hurting more than the surgery, so I went to the docs yesterday, which was a huge waste of time, but I am feeling better today. Just tired. My mom is also doing better and has decided to stay the duration of her planned trip.

Sorry for the unamusing post, just don't have it in me yet.

Hope all is well wth everyone!


Anonymous said...

Geez, it has been a little crazy...and painful...at your house. See, if I had come down none of this would have happened. LOL

I hope your Mum is doing better and so are you. I know you were basing what your pain would be like from your other wrist but I am glad it isn't so bad.

Take care,

erin yamabe said...

thanks for your update. i am glad to hear your recovery is coming along, and hopefully won't be too much more painful. i sure hope your mom is doing better, and that they are able to diagnose soon and find a cure.


Miss M! said...

You poor things, I'm so sorry you and your mom are both feeling miserable, and then to have to suffer with the heat on top of it! Blech!

Everytime I look at my candle I smile and think of you!

erin yamabe said...

i'm impressed you are typing! and glad to know they finally found a diagnosis for your mom, so they can work on getting her to feel better.

christina said...

so glad to hear that this surgery isn't as painful as your last. i'm impressed that you are typing LOL. sorry your mom was in so much pain but happy that they got it figured out. now they can work on getting her better.

Missy said...

OK, Zee I have given you long enough. We need another update. I have been worried about you....since you haven't called. What's going on???

mom said...

Over all it was a good trip as my pain delema was solved and am now getting the tests here I need. We had a great day at Lisa,s and luch at the doctors place was cool and I loved my time with Terry as always. Look at it this way, you and I got to convaless togethewr. How may mothers and daughters can do that. heehee It was nice of Jeff to put in the airconditioner too. You have a super hubby! I miss you already.