Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wasting Tiiiii...iiiime....

Where to begin? It's been a somewhat ruff two weeks. On my last update I mentioned how the surgery went fine, and my hand still seems to be doing well. I also mentioned a knee flare up. But I didn't mention the leg pain that soon followed as I didn't think it was a big deal. Problem is, it didn't go away. To make a long story short they suspect a blood clot in my lower leg. Tests don't give a definitive answer so I am left taking advil 3-4 times a day. I think it's working. They were able to rule out many thing but not give a positive answer as to what the true cause is. Sigh. At least I'm feeling much better now.

In other news, I have been sleeping and watching TV a lot. Typing is time consuming but I did play online yesterday. What did I spend my time doing? Discovering that I am of Superior Intelligence...LOL. Obviously IQ tests don't test for spelling abilities...Ha Ha! I took two tests and scored 127 and 129. The first test I took was at this site:

I really like that it was truly free and you could see all the results and comparisons with others who have taken the test. I scored higher than the average person with a PHD (and the average Engineer..hehehe), oh and I am just a high school graduate...Ha! Also, it wasn't timed, it took me about 45 minutes. Just remember, if you take it, don't cheat by looking up any answers... although I am not sure there are answers that can be found? Heads up, when you go to see the results, ignore the sign ups, to move forward to see the results look to the bottom or top of the page for a results link. I do think you need to sign up first/or immediately after, but that's it.

The second test I took was here:

This test is also free, but you cannot change answers so once you click the answer it goes to the next question. This one took much less time to take and I scored a bit higher. You get your result at the end but have to pay for detailed info. Since I was doing it for fun, I was really just after the score.

My high score victory dance came to a sudden halt, one leg in the air and arms folded like a chicken, when Jeff's results surpassed 138. But I knew he has scored genius levels in the past so this wasn't a complete surprise to me. If there is anything we can be sure of by these results, it's knowing that we really should reproduce. It would be wrong to deprive the world of a gorgeous being with Superior Intelligence.


Just plain wrong.


Miss M! said...

I've taken the tickle one before (I got 133) but I haven't tried the other one yet.
I wish I cold have been there to see that dance, as I know what a dancing queen you are!

Missy said...

LOL....your so funny. Glad to see you posting did you loose my phone number or what?

Zee said...

I could ask the same thing! Your poor friend is dying, you don't call, visit, no flowers, no card, not even a good ridance! Nothing. LOL!

Sara, not surprising you seem "somewhat" intellagent. BwaHaha! Seriously, I sometimes think that the witty & sarcastic ones have to have a higher IQ. ;)

Anonymous said...

"the victory chicken dance" my butt! you ALWAYS dance like that!

i refuse to take it as i know it will be a 2 digit number. lol


Miss M! said...

""the victory chicken dance" my butt! you ALWAYS dance like that!"

Hmm... me thinks that S. may have a valid point here... I've witnessed said dance moves...

Val said...

I scored 129 on the web tickle test too! Either we're on the same wavelength, or it's RIGGED. LOL, I like to think it's option A :D

Keep us up to date on your knee, girl. Now you've got me all worried.

Miss M! said...

Okay... I got bored and took the tests. I got 127 on the first one and then I got 136 on the Tickle one, which I took immediately afterwards. I got smarter by 9 IQ points in like 15 minutes, and all I did different was to drink a Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke! Brain fuel!

Hey, how are you doing?