Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Texas here I come!

I married a Texan, a Texan who has yet to take me there as he believes I will not want to come back to Cali. He's probably right. In about a year my MIL will be retiring and then they will be gone, despite my protests. My FIL takes monthly trips to Austin to get the house prepared for the big move. That's where we'll be staying next month when we go to visit. I'm so excited!

On Memorial day my FIL plopped his cowboy hat on my head and it fell down over my eyes, it was so big. I promptly expressed my distaste as it clearly was a boys hat and I prefer pink. Careful what you say around Dad. On his last return from Austin, this was waiting for me...

I added the flower, cuz I'm addicted. To my surprise, this thing is sooo comfortable. I've worn it quite a bit and will be on the lookout for a blue one when we go. My MIL says to check at any gas station...LOL.

Ya it may be a cheapy but I'm happy with my crooked little bendy hat. ;)

Guess I should casually mention my desire for a house next time I see my FIL..Haha!

I've got more good news! Turns out I can finally start to use my hand. I'm supposed to start picking up light objects, doing more exercises and even attempting to pinch items. But there is a catch, I have to do all this with the splint on, and well... Unfortunately this is almost impossible as the splint blocks my thumb movement. Kind of a wicked little therapist I have. Oh well I'm just happy to try and I immediately put in a call to TT expressing my desire to work! So wish me luck as I may discover I still cannot create but I am a determined little sole.

In the meantime I am doing some digital layouts for Scrap4life.com . They are having a revamping/reopening on Sept 1st with the new website reveal. Some of it is a work in progress and you can see some of the changes. I did a couple of layouts that will be posted on Sept 1st, so be sure to check back on Friday!


mom said...

You look like a true cowgirl in that hat. It makes me soooooooo proud. Maybe when you get to Texas you can actually ride a horse. LOL I am beginning my barrel racing lessons soon so watch out cowgirls here I come! love you, mom

Miss M! said...

Seriously, any day now I expect you to tell us that you started to scrap using your tow and a twig with a bit of chewing gum affixed to the end of it! And your work would STILL be da bomb!

Miss M! said...

I totally know how to spell toe. Honest.

Corinnexxx said...

Totally LOVE that pink hat!! looks great! and good that you can start moving your had again!


Anonymous said...

love the hat! it's so you since it has the flower.

you know the drill....email me the original pics that are the big size. NOT KIDDING!


Shantay said...

Awesome hat....and they are right...the south is the best!

Shelley said...

Love the new hat!! I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better and can't wait to see your new creations. I just have one question...inquiring minds would like to know what you're pinching?

On second thought..maybe we don't want to know. LOL

erin said...

i love pink and flowers, so it works for me! i think you look great in it!