Friday, September 01, 2006


Looky what I did today!

Ok, so I can't "ACTUALLY" show you what I did cuz it's work related for Memory Trends, but the point is, I SCRAPPED! For the VERY first time since my surgery I got my hands inky and messy and I scrapped! I am so happy to be back. Granted it was slow going at times and I am still working mostly left handed but I did it and I am thrilled!

Oh, Oh and I just got my glasses back so I am pretty happy about that too! :) I like that they darken outside so I am more inclined to wear them out of the house. They're pretty blingy, like a piece of jewelry themselves, so I can't where other bling with them as I feel sorta over the top pimpish. Ha! Maybe I need to get me this tee:

Oooo...or maybe this one?

These t-shirts crack me up, they have many poor taste and utterly hilarious tee's on this site so if you're interested {and not easily offended} check out

Happy Scrappin'!


christina said...

those tee's crack me up LOL i love your sense of humor. awesome that you are scrappin again.

ShelleyinGA said...

Zee, you are such a tease...I can't wait to see your new work!

I love your new glasses and your outfit is super cute! You are soooo stylin'! :o)

Tessa Ann Watte` said...

Hehe! You are so funny. I am glad I found your blog, girl. So entertaining!!

I hope you heal-up quickly and I just love your glasses! They fit you perfectly, so sport those babies with confidence, girl. You look great!!!