Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Britteny. Kevin. Divorce.


Say it isn't so.


Not in a million years would I have predicted that one. This is...this is ..just too hard... too much, to take in right now.

I need some alone time.


Miss M! said...

Whateva! You forgot the most important part:

Britney. Kevin. Divorce. HAPPY DANCE!!!

erin said...

you just make me laugh, again, love that!

Zee said...

Happy Dance for you maybe but it left a hole in Jeff and I's life. Now who are we going to look up to as the perfect marriage and child rearing role models.

I had a alot of time to think about this last night.

Faith and Tim?
Robin and Dr.Phil?

Then it hit me...Pam and Kid, DUH! Obviously they're love is the surest to last a lifetime!

Phewf, disaster deverted!

Shari da loop said...

omgosh... LOL

cari said...

he's no longer K-fed, he's Fed-ex!!
Hahahahaha....I'm so lame :P

Michelle said...


cari said...

hey look Danea, my peeps have become your peeps! they are coming out of the woodwork, watch out, they are all crazy!

Anonymous said...

have you seen her? she looks fab! i am in no way a fan of hers but it give me such pleasure to see that piece of crap sittin' on the curb. plus, as a woman who has given birth to 2 kids, it is cool to see another woman look that amazing after 2 months of giving birth.

will i be buying her album? no.