Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Time Flies...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! My goodness has time flown by. Things have been busy and CRAZY and I have lots of news. I'm not going to share it all at once as this would be a very long post.

Besides being very busy with the holidays and traveling to Reno last weekend to meet up with my mom, Bubba ate some foam just before Christmas and had to have emergency stomach surgery and unfortunately has had some sort of relapse and spent a couple days in the vet hospital. He was released yesterday but there are no answers as to what is wrong. My mommy's gut says that it's post surgery complications and I just hope he continues to improve. He seems to be good one moment and then not so good the next...very frustrating and upsetting. Sigh.

Christmas was vey nice and pretty quiet as we spent it with Jeff's parents. I had a very nice dinner party the weekend before Christmas, my first with more than one couple! That's right, we had TWO couples over...hahaha. Here are some pics from the table, and being the worst scrapper ever, I forgot about my camera the rest of the night! So no people shots. LOL.

I decided to let the Martha in me free and bought these pretty ornaments to use as place setting AND as keepsakes. I stamped everyone's name on transparency and them tied them to the top with a black bow. I placed the napkin above each ornament for more drama.

I love decorating tables and it is so easy to do. I have even used scrap pieces of material and last thanksgiving I used a green curtain that was in the linen closet, ssshhhh... LOL.

Since we spent New Years eve at the vets, and then came home and went straight to bed, at like 10:30(we had spent the day driving home from Reno) I don't have a cool New Years story. I will update soon with more fun news but right now I desperately have to get back to work as I still have a bunch of assignments that are due!

P.S. I just switched my browser to Firefox and I'm loving that it lightly underlines misspelled words for you and then when you right click it gives you correct options...hehe. Of course I never make spelling or grammatical errors, but it might be handy for some of you who do! Ha!


Anonymous said...

you mak a spelng mstk? no. not yu! Hapy Nw Yer!!

Anonymous said...

oh, that was me up there. i guess i really dumbed it down.


Genevieve said...

Your table settings look so beautiful! We usually have Christmas at our house, but we were busy moving over the holidays so I didn't get a chance to decorate. Not even a tree! I really missed not having a tree. Hope you had a nice holiday and great new year!

strawberrygirl said...

Wow Danea!!!!! The table settings look beautiful:) Can't wait for you to post your fun news....wonder what it could be?

So looking forward to spring break with you! Hopefully will know if it is a boy or a girl by then so we can have a theme for the baby's room!

Hope your "kid" feels better soon:(

erin said...

ooh-- your holiday table looked beautiful! tfs. someday, i will get back to decorating and have our home look as if adults lived there and not an infant and a toddler:)

happy new year to you!