Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oregon Trip

Ok, since there has been hints to update then update I shall. First I will tell you about my trip. It was great to get away and visit with Susanne! Since we just had one night of work...her VIP party which highlighted TT products, the rest was spent hanging out. We had breakfast with her mom and sister on Thurs, lunch with Bev, Angela and Eileen from Technique Tuesday on Friday and a productive 15 minute photo shoot on Sat. The rest was hanging and non scheduled. Kinda sad it will be my last trip for a while.

So here's the make and take I did Thursday night, we did just part of it, the stamped tiles. I made it into a layout for Susanne and so the ladies would have a visual example of how to use what they created. We stamped the blue cherry boarder and circle frame.

And here are the photo's from our mini photo shoot. Just so there is no dubt, yes I went crazy with the diffuse filter...I just LOVE that thing! Oh and I think Susanne looks pretty hot, despite her hesitation about me doing her eye makeup so dark, I had to keep reassuring her that would would look good in the photo's and not over done at least that is my opinion, keep it to yourself if you disagree...haha.

This is my favorite...she just looks so darn purdy...

I also really like this one, you will see it scrapped soon...

This one is Susanne's favorite...hehehe.

So that was my trip in a nutshell.

As for other news, I am working hard behind the scenes on a secret project that I am hoping to announce within a couple weeks. If you happen to know what I am talking about's a secret so no dropping hints in your comments. *cough*mom*cough*

I have also discovered while trying to edit my website that the web host had a crash and lost my websites editing abilities...whhhhaaaaaaaaaa! But in this misfortune, I found a gorgeous free web design, it means doing almost all the work myself and loading my pages manually but I am excited about it, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise?! The added bonus is the creator of the design is very nice and answering any questions I may have!

Besides all that, I have a few TT assignments to get done. I got to hear the babies heartbeat for the first time on Monday(previously just saw it on ultra sounds) and the doctor asked if I felt the baby yet. I told her I wasn't sure, and that I had been feeling things for a couple weeks now but everyone I told tells me it's impossible to feel it this soon. She asked me what I was feeling and said YUP! I really am feeling the little bean...haha, I told you so non believers! LOL. Granted I could be at a slight advantage, having a chronic illness my whole life has made me super sensitive to every new little feeling, pinch, poke or whatever I have. After a bowl of chocolate ice cream the other night I sat back on the couch and I swear the baby started dancing and hoping and bouncing, it was the funniest feeling ever! Lastly, one week from today I get my detailed ultrasound. So send some high kickin', somersaultin', don't be shy, spread them legs vibes to the baby, cuz we wanna know if it's a boy or a girl...LOL.

Peace Out Hommies!


Anonymous said...

Danea you look so pretty in your photos! Your LO is just beautiful!!! I hope you are able to see if the babe is a boy or will know soon enough :)

erin said...

sending you many good wishes, and best of luck with your pregnancy, what an exciting time!

donnacr said...

Good luck Danea on finding out whether you will be scrapping blue or pink ! And ....good luck on the website ...we are waiting anxiously for the news about that too !

strawberrygirl said...

Yes, your niece needs to know if she will be a cousin or a cousine! LOL:)

Now get your butt out here so you can take some pictures girl!

We miss you.... (well, at least Dusten does...I can take you or leave you...) J/K you know I love you:)

Miss M! said...

I think Susanne's favorite is mine too... but I also really like the one of her and Bug.

I can't wait to see you post what the bean is!!! How exciting!

christina said...

i love love love the pics, okay so what is this diffuser thing LOL cuz i need one for my rebel xt LOL

second i just love that lo, you sooo rock in all of your lo's and when i grow up i wanna scrap just like you :D

i just love the pic of you two being goofy, those kinds of pics are just awesome because i feel like it shows the spunky fun personalities LOL.

i sooooo can't wait to find out the news and you are totally driving me nuts with it on scrappetite LOL

ohh and as far as feeling the little peanut flutter early, well i totally believe it because when you are in tune with your body YOU KNOW LOL i felt both of my kids's flutters early and everyone always said it was gas and i was persistant because i knew it was them that i was feeling and then my doc told me i was right LOL and i went :P to all the ppl that didn't believe me LMAO.