Monday, March 26, 2007


So here is a picture from yesterday. I'm wearing a fitted shirt so you can get a better look at my tummy. No, I am not sticking my tummy out which is the first question my brother asks when he sees these pics! This is just me in a relaxed state, and by the snickers and belly rubs Jeff gives when he walks by me I am pretty sure it wasn't this big when I relaxed before pregnancy. Lord help me if it was...LOL.

I've only gained 3-4 pounds which is up one pound! I'm not too worried though, I am making sure to eat lots of good stuff and take my vitamins and supplements so it's all good.

I am so excited to say that we won an eBay auction for that In Flight crib set I mentioned last week. We saved a couple hundred dollars buying it second hand and the seller said her son never ended up sleeping in his crib so it's virtually unused..hehe. Not to mention most of this set is sold out at the stores as it is a couple years old so a few of the accessories in the auction we can longer buy. Here's a pic but what isn't shown is a material wall growth chart and plush airplane toy. Plus my MIL bought the material wall hangings that match..hehe. I am going to buy the wall paper boarder but put it down low, as a chair rail and paint the bottom a tan color, leaving the upper the light blue it already is. Jeff picked out blue for the spare room when we moved in, hmmmm a subconscious knowledge of future events? LOL.

Alright back to work I get. I will take some pics later of the layouts I have finished and post them throughout the week. :)


Miss M! said...

OMG, you are the most adorable little pregnant lady EVER!!! Seriously, this pic is too cute. And I am mad jealous over your hair. I wish my hair looked that good. Witch. ;)

Zee said...

Aaah thanks! But the hair...dude just buy one like I did. (shhhhh don't tell anyone it's not real)That thing is a life AND time saver! See the hair peaking out under my chin on the right side, THAT's my hair. It all blends perfectly. :) Gotta love evilBay!

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!! That belly is really out there. I can't wait until your shower. I get to see you wadle!! You are so cute.

I didn't think that was one of your pieces. I thought it was your own and that you were letting that cute cut grow out.


Anonymous said...

You are just too adorable!!! I don't think yo ulook big at all...your look perfect! The baby's room is going to be perfecta s well :) Renee'

Mary L. said...

Hey Danea - you are looking so cute! We did an airplane room for Wyatt and before he was born my DH put together model airplanes and hung them from the ceiling. All painted in colors to match the room. So cute!

christina said...

omg your belly is soooo CUTE and that bedding set is ADORABLE.

Michelle said...

Oh Danea you are just one of those totally CUTE pregnant ladies! I'm sure you're taking super good care of yourself.

Love the nursery theme you've got picked. Have fun decorating!!!
Take care!