Friday, June 29, 2007

Contractions & Bed Rest & Ultra Sounds.... OH MY!

It's been a week of ups and downs but thankfully all is well. I had my two week check up on Monday and really wasn't feeling well. Turns out my resting heart rate was 124. It's normally in the 70's so that was odd. Plus my blood pressure was low...still considered normal but a bit low. Everything else was fine and I was told to just stay in bed. Then around 7:30 I started getting these strange shooting pains that started around my pubic bone and shot up over my tummy. They came and went for a couple hours and then around ten they were happening every minute or so. They weren't very painful and I wasn't worried that they were contractions but I called Labor & Delivery anyway, more out of curiosity of the cause. The Doctor there said it's gallstones and that I need to see my regular doctor in the morning.


I wasn't convinced, especially after doing a few Google searches on the matter, my symptoms just didn't fit. So I called my Perinatology dept in the morning and they wanted me to come and be checked. Soon after scheduling that apt I recognized my first contraction...Braxton Hicks contraction that is, but I was still concerned because by the time I was seeing my doc they were 4 minutes apart...LOL. Thankfully everything checked out fine and no preterm labor was predicted. But the nurse, who isn't my regular, suspected lil' Asa to be measuring small. Heck she also accused me of not eating as she only thought my weight gain was 1 lb, not 14. She then admitted to not looking at my full chart. She also said that my urine samples were showing what appeared to be lack of food in my system. To which I responded that I have had my last 5 apt at 12 noon. I then go home and have lunch, so they are catching me at a time where I am just starting to get hungry again. Even Jeff laughed at the accusation of me not eating as I swear I am always complaining about being hungry and eating all the time. Regardless I think that's the real reason that she wanted to schedule a measuring U/S, she thought I was lying. Nice. And come to think of it, I never did find out what those pains could have been but they haven't been back.

So off I went this morning, after a week of bed rest and taking it easy. Asa is measuring just fine. Everything looks good and the technician said he is 3lbs 10oz. Which is in the average percentile. I also think today is the first day this week that I haven't had anymore contractions...YAY!

So there you have it, nothing too exciting and baby will be cooking a while longer, thank goodness! His little head is tucked up under my left rib, not comfy so hopefully he will turn soon. And it's the sweetest thing, when Jeff starts talking to my tummy at night in bed, Asa will skooch over to the right as if to get as close to daddy's voice and cheek as possible.

I love my boys.


christina said...

OKAY you scared the crap out of me, no more doing that GOT IT?

i don't know what those weird pains could have been except maybe the ligaments growing and stretching more? or maybe he was kicking your cervix? that can be quite painful and they are sharp stabbing pains when our wee wittle babies do that LOL.

you will get more braxton hicks because............well you will LMAO. but if you get more then 6 in an hour then please call your doc right away.

little asa better stay in there till the end.

and don't go scaring the crap out of me anymore LOL


Anonymous said...

I was thinking those pains were stretching legaments too...they don't feel good, but at least it wasn't pre-term labor...I'm glad baby Asa is doing well and you asre too...hang in there....the end is in sight :) Renee'

Anonymous said...

omg....ignore all typos! hee hee

erin said...

bed rest can be a beautiful blessing:)
hope the contractions stay away!

strawberrygirl said...

I had those pains said they were called "round ligament pain" from the stretching and growing of the baby.

One of my favourite memories of being pregnant when was Dusten would talk to my tummy:)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see all is well. Dad and I are at the cabin for the long weekend with some of my family. I just signed on to read mail and thought I will check your blog.
Love all three of you and take care. Asa? you are not ready sweetie, enjoy the loving comfort of your Mommy's belly for awhile longer.
Many Blessings.Love Julianne xxoo