Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I had fully intended to update the very next day. As you all know that didn't happen. The past few days have had some ups and downs. Crazy back pains and hard contractions, spotting and a slight bit more dilation...yes this was yet another trip to L&D, and then nothing. Back to waiting. Sigh.

I had started talking about my luck, or lack there of. My ability to attract the slight odds, and now, once again, I can add another wonderful thing to the list. What I was told and assumed to be regular pregnancy pain in my groin and hootinany area, I'm talking cry out in the middle of the night when I try to roll over, moan when I attempt to put pants on, get in and out of the car pain, and sometimes simply walking, turns out to be pelvis issues. And what I and the doc suspect from yesterdays visit...a miss-aligned pelvis. And after reading up all I could on it, it has the potential of two other side effects...a breach baby which is extremely common with this condition, and the possibility of not being able to or hindering progression of dilation. Oh Joy! The bummer is that not much can be done, nor do they feel it worth officially doing the tests to confirm diagnoses because of this late stage in pregnancy. Nope, I was just given a pat on the shoulder and a hang in there tiger. Ok, so he didn't actually call me tiger, but I know he was thinking it.

That wasn't all the news from this visit. I was given two options for my next visit at 37 weeks. They will either attempt to turn the baby or we will schedule a c-section for 39weeks. This of course assuming he will stay in that long...LOL. I am personally leaning towards the c-section. Success rates of turning are 50/50. Not wonderful by any means. Plus with this continued pelvis issue, I just can't imagine it making for anything but a difficult delivery. So I think we will schedule the c-section, hope that he turns and that we won't actually need it. The other bonus of the c/s is that I can schedule it with my actual doctor, otherwise you get who you get.

The last news I have is that baby is looking good. They wanted another measuring ultra sound to check his growth. He did drop down to the 24 percentile but the Dr assured me that was still in the normal and healthy range. He was "breathing" like crazy which is a fantastic sign that he is using his lungs and he was also moving around like a fish. The tech kept joking and saying that he was trying to help her and that she really didn't need his help. He kept kicking and bumping the wand...LOL. Everything looked great and baby is doing really well! I will add that if they are indeed 5 days ahead of my (suspected)due date, he then jumps up to a more average size and doesn't measure small...haha. 5 days can make a difference at this stage of growth. Regardless my lil man is doing really well and I am not worried.

Because I am tired I will just skip my intended entry on Murphy's Law, hopefully I will have the energy to post tomorrow. But for now I am going to leave you with some impromptu self pregnancy photo's that I made Jeff join me in, out of fear this kid is going to come anytime and I would regret not having any done. It is not easy being the photographer in FRONT of the camera, but I got about 5 shots that I really like. Gotta love having an extra long shutter release cord and putting my big toe to work. Yup, you read that right...hahaha. It was a guessing game for poses with alot of very bad shots. ;)

I really like this one even though mom thinks it looks like Jeff holding his own belly. She laughed and laughed over that one. Thanks, but uh, Jeff doesn't have that big of a gut...LOL.

This one is my favorite! There's just something about spontaneity amongst poses that makes for the most enjoyable photo's.


Anonymous said...

Love the photos!!! Wish I could do it all again to get some fun photos. NOT!!!!! Hang in there and I can sympathize with extreme groin pain...I had to wear a griddle!


Devon said...

Those are great pics!!! I hope you will take some of us when I get big.

Susanne P. said...

like i said the other day, i love those! i hadn't seen the kiss one so fork it on over!

i will wish good thought for labor or at least less labor pains.

hang in there.

Michelle said...

You look so beautiful!!! Hope that Asa hangs in there a bit longer...I'll be praying for a stress free few weeks for you, and an uncomplicated birth. take care!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! They are all adorable...keep hangin' in there...being pg isn't easy but your little guy will be here very soon and all the pain and discomfort won't matter at all :)