Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's All About Luck

I figure that many of you would be wanting an update so now is as good a time as any.

We had another incident last Thursday. I read through my preterm labor list and checked off 5 out of 7 but still didn't feel like it was time for me to go in. As my nausea progressed with each contraction I decided to call my doctors office and talk to Samantha. She started asking about symptoms and like my own list she was checking them off (I won't list them all as some are kinda gross)and told me once again to get my ass down there. Sigh. So after a shower and a call to Jeff I went on my way. Once again my contractions were 3 minutes apart lasting over 60 seconds and once again I was matching a lady in the next room who was in active labor, and once again NOTHING!

The doc was pretty much scratching her head. I had 2 very painful cervix exams and one internal U/S to check cervical length and all was the same as before. The only change was that my FFN test came back positive this time which really means nothing unless it's negative. In others wards there was a 25% chance I could deliver in two weeks but, well probably not. Finally after about 6 hours she sat on the bed and said I could go home and to come back if anything changes it comes.....wait for have more than 4-5 contractions an hour! I pointed to the monitor. "Like this?" I said annoyed.

"Well if they seem to change in anyway at all."
I told her that at this point I'll probably have a home birth cuz I won't know the difference until it's too late and I feel the need to push. I also asked what could be causing such strong and regular contractions and her response was simple. "Some lucky few woman will just start having contractions the weeks prior to delivering." She then gave me a sympathetic smile and small shrug.

For any of you reading this, I just want to make it very clear, as I think I will scream and start swinging like a wild woman if anyone dares tell me "Oh those are just BH contractions" Even the doc said they were not, hence the very confused response as to why they were not causing dilation, and thus me being one of the few lucky ones.

Now with all that said I can thankfully say that on Sunday my contractions FINALLY started to ease up. Sat, at our Birthing Class was a completely different story, but for now they are much fewer and farther in between. Not gone, but manageable. Jeff says it's the calm before the storm and at this point, Saturday being 35 weeks, I am ready...LOL..Ya, ya, I know, it's too early but at this stage, my response is simply, bite me. ;)

As for my incredible "Luck" well this really came as no surprise to me. My life has been one event after another of this kind of luck, so me being one of the few that has this during pregnancy just seems to fit. I do have a history of making those odds, but I don't know if I consider it luck, dumb luck or the possibility that I have an invisible birthmark of Murphy's Law on my ass.

I'm leaning towards the latter and I'll explain why.

To be continued...


Miss M! said...

I got all sorts of excited when I saw that you had updated, as it had been a few days. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. I always heard the last few days you were supposed to get to be all blissful and nest and stuff. I can't wait to see your pretty baby!

Kaylyn said...

I have been there..and it stinks. My prayers are with you :)

Susanne P. said...

i am so glad they started to ease up. i was cracking up when you said to the nurse "like this?". i can literally hear the tone of your voice in my head.

i better start planning an earlier trip to Campbell. CRAP!! though, i can't wait to cuddle with a newborn. =)

i will call you soon.

Mom to 2 Boys said...

If he is giving you this much trouble now wait until he comes home. I have 2 boys and so I can say that the fun is just beginning for you. Sorry for that news.

Good Luck!

wendy said...

i'm sorry its so unrelenting zee. for me, it only eased up when my water broke, and i knew then it was definitely happening b/c i was on pict as soon as I got admitted...

good luck and hang in there. at 35 weeks, you're out of most of the preemie danger zone, so well done!! hugs.


Anonymous said...

Hey Danea - I"m so glad you posted, I was going crazy waiting for an update LOL

Try and hang in there - the big day will be here soon! Renee'