Monday, July 09, 2007

Doctors Assessment

L&D was a wasted trip but better safe than sorry!

I just got back from seeing my regular perinatologist. He's such a great doc and I wish he was guaranteed to deliver my little guy but our hospital is an on call place. Anyways the bad news is that they are preterm labor contractions and there is nothing to be done about them. He seems to feel at this point, since they are not causing me to dilate anymore(but my cervix was softer) he is not worried. He feels that at this stage the baby will be just fine and that the side effects of the meds to stop contractions are not worth it. I have a feeling that some of this "wait it out" view has to do with my RA but I didn't think about it to ask, until after I left the apt.

He reassured me many times that if the babies ready, then all will be fine. He said that after 33 weeks there is often little complications and the big hurdles are over. Especially since baby seems to be doing so well, with no known complications. Oh and since the FFN test came back negative he feels it will still be at least a week(but likely more, before he makes an appearance which will take me past 34 weeks. He also said that the contraction could be do to an irritated uterus OR it could be the baby signaling that he is ready to come out...LOL, there's no way to tell. He has scheduled another measuring U/S for two weeks to be sure the baby is still developing fine. He is slightly small but still in the normal range. I was concerned because I have not gained any weight the past few weeks despite eating all the time. He didn't seem concerned about that, but I am guessing he just wants to be sure, hence the U/S.

Ummmm I'm trying to think if there was anything else. Pretty much it's just the same waiting game. And my Plan A of waiting until my water breaks, waiting until the contractions get sever/need to push or seeing the head before calling L&D again, is pretty much what he told me to do. Ok EXCEPT waiting to see the head part...hahaha. Oh and he did say that the thing to worry most about right now with going into labor is that Asa is still breech.

Lastly, my contractions do seem to be easing up a bit today, still frequent but not as intense, so I am going to head back to bed and take it easy.

I think the worst part right now is how physically exhausted I feel. It's the same exhaustion I used to get a few days after a major RA flare up. After all the work it took for my body to get better, I would be left completely drained. I have a feeling that is what these contractions are doing to me now. Sometimes I just feel so tired and overwhelmed despite sleeping just fine, that I could just sit and cry. Poor Jeff was so sweet yesterday cuz I don't know how many times I broke down. :)


christina said...

awww danea i wish i was there. i feel so bad, because yah he will more then likely be fine but its still so early. i hope he stays in there and i am quite surprised that he didn't give you terbutaline. my sis has irritable uterus and has to take it. she said she gets used to it but the first few days of taking it is a pita. i will hope and pray that he stays in just a little while longer. shoot i hope he stays there till 36 weeks, LOL or 37weeks or 38 weeks LMAO. hang in there and take it easy.


Crystal (aka crystalntytan) said...

Danea, have you ever had a UTI??? I'm wondering because the lower back pain made me think of that, and it is one of the leading factors of pre-term labour...that and dehydration!! If they continue maybe you could ask your dr to test you.

As for Asa being breech, try this method:
Pelvic Tilt and Slant-board Exercise

This is probably the most well known alternative breech turning technique. The position of your baby will dictate which position works best. If baby has his/her back to your front, the slant-board exercise is most effective. If baby has his/her back to your back, the beanbag or pelvic tilt exercise will be most effective. The baby’s back and head are the heaviest parts and these techniques use gravity to push the baby’s head into the fundus, tuck it and then do a somersault into the vertex position.

Do this exercise on an empty stomach and discontinue for lightheadedness or shortness of breath. Realize that there will be some pressure exerted on the thorax (chest cavity) by the abdominal contents being pushed upward toward the mom's head. One question often asked about these techniques is, "wouldn't the heavier head keep the baby in that position?" These techniques do two very useful things.

It helps to disengage the baby from the pelvis and
When the baby's head comes up against the inside of the fundus, s/he is inclined to tuck his/her head and do a somersault into the vertex position.

Another thing I have heard of, and one lady on CC actually did it and it worked, it putting a bag of frozen veggies at the top of your tummy!

Good luck and I hope Asa continues to bake for a few more weeks!!

Zee said...

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for the advice, which position is best when the baby's head is under the left rib and is facing right, back to the left? He has been in this position for weeks and weeks now...LOL.

As for the UTI, I have to give credit to my docs and the L&D teams as they are very thorough about checking all this. Almost too thorough as they have suspected I have had one three times and even treated me once during this pregnancy BEFORE even getting the results back. Each time has been negative EVEN the time I was teated! So it is with out a doubt NOT a UTI.

As for hydration, I CANNOT emphasize enough how much I drink each day, especially since the contractions started two weeks ago as at that point they really thought they were just BH contractions and that hydration would help. I drank even more, it did nothing. Again though, that has been the first question each time I have been checked, the second question, followed with a urine sample, with every docs visit and every L&D trip has been about UTI's and they run tests immediately.

So again, those two things have been illuminated.

I really suspect at this point that do to my RA, my doctor doesn't want to stress my body any more then it can handle and thus, if labor ensues, then he is going to let it happen at this point. He hasn't actually said this but I am confident with his abilities, as he is a specialist, not just a regular OB.

Now if you can all join in with me...

Turn Baby Turn...

Come on you know the words...LOL.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you keep us posted daily, as I wonder each day how you are doing? I have a sister-in-law that is not due until Sept, and is having the same kind of problems, contractions, trips to the emergency room, etc. I share with her your info and hope that it comforts her. Hang in there and I will keep you in my prayers. Pam

donnacr said...

Hang in there Danea ! We are all pulling for you and wee Asa to stay where he is supposed to for awhile yet .Dd just had a ' rough ' pregnancy but all turned out wonderful in the end .

erin yamabe said...

keeping you in our prayers:)

christina said...

i get it now LOL yes i am slow DUH, okay so he didn't want to give you the meds because of your RA? okay that makes sense. hey i never said i wasn't slow LMAO.

i hope and pray that he TURNS and that he stays in there for a few more weeks. KEEP US POSTED. as you can see i am stalking your blog LOL.

LOVE YA, MUAH!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Danea I'm so glad you posted - I was beginning to worry - I hope the baby turns and you continue to take it easy - HUGS Renee'

Anonymous said...

glad you're both doing ok today. now, stay off your feet. that nesting instinct's gonna hit you and you must ignore it. :) its only for a few weeks max... then, you'll never get to rest again for another few years. :).....

HUGS. and thanks for the update.


strawberrygirl said...

Big Hug Danea.....Hunter sends baby kisses your way.......and a little baby hug for her cousin Asa...

Corry said...

Hi Danea, wow i can't believe you are so close to delivery, where does the time go. Will be praying your little guy waits a little longer and that things go smoothly, and will be checking back for news. Take Care.

LOVE your doodley stamped belly, just so cool. You look great BTW.

Yer Daddy said...

I am absolutely thrilled.. my little girl is beginning to look like her daddy..well her stomach is anyway ;-)
Take care..don't overdo things.. and be patient..the baby won't come till he is ready