Sunday, July 08, 2007

Off To L&D...again

So nothing had really changed in regards to the contractions, but around noon my lower back started to ache. Since it didn't seem to be going away I went to check my Preterm Labor getyourassinhereifyouhaveanyofthesesymptoms list. That is the first on the list, low dull backache or menstrual like cramps...sigh.

So I called and they said yup, I need to be checked. There goes my Sunday, or actually there goes Jeff's Sunday as I was pretty much bed ridden anyways.

Let's hope it's nothing, or at least something that can be taken care of so it's not a total wasted trip...LOL. ;)


christina said...

omg please let it be nothing, they should stick you on some medicine (i'm drawing a blank on the name) in pill form. its probably the same medicine they gave you but they should give it to you in pill form to take everyday and bedrest. that is what my sis had to take.

please keep me posted. i am very worried about you and asa

christina said...

i remembered the name of it LOL

Terbutaline is the medicine my sis has to take when she is prego

Anonymous said...

Oh Danea - I'll be thinking about you and your little one, I hope all is going ok :) Renee'

wendy said...

hugs zee. I'll be thinking of you.

I had preterm labor at 34 weeks with DS. hospital stay 2 days, plus the mercury shot, then bedrest and the terbutaline pills. i held it off 3 more weeks. its tough being in that semi labor stage all the time. warm baths helped alot. movement, esp walking, made it much worse... laying on a certain side also took the pressure off (it varied which side by the day, but you can tell right away if it eases it). Take care. thinking of you....

Anonymous said...

I'm worried too. I hope we hear an update soon! Thinking good thoughts for you and Asa!!