Saturday, July 07, 2007

Feeling Like Crap.

Yup, that 'bout sums it up.

As I posted previously, I went to the docs with my first evah contractions but all seemed fine. Well on Tuesday, with practically non stop contractions I figured I should call L&D(labor and delivery)just to see if at any point I should be concerned. Remember I was told these were just Braxton Hicks contractions and nothing to be concerned about. Well 3 hours after going to the hospital, I was indeed starting preterm labor and had begun to dilate. Contractions were about 1 minute apart but not super intense. Thankfully I was only dilated a centimeter and was immediately given a shot to stop the progress. It worked and I was release a few hours later.

Skip ahead to the next day, July 4th. We decided to stay at home and kick it, forgoing all our 4th plans :( but figured that would be best even though I was not put on bed rest. I did however have Jeff take me out for dinner which wasn't very strenuous, but those damn contractions never slowed down. In fact we stopped to grab a jug of milk on the way home and I swear the whole time I was on my feet I had one looooong contraction. So home and bed was were I went. After a few hours rest, and yes still continuous contractions, that now seemed to be lower and followed with some groin sort of pains, Jeff and I decided to paint some wooden airplanes for the nursery. By 11pm I was growing ever so concerned at the frequency of contractions despite my constant drinking, as the say dehydration can cause them which was obviously not the case. So back to L&D we went to make sure all was fine. It was, still no change in dilation. Yay! I was released and told to come back in if my contractions were more than 4-5 an hour. Oh, did I mention that they were every 1-3 minutes apart and much stronger than the previous day. So this comment made me just stare at the nurse. Really, they were releasing me but telling me to come in if my symptoms were the same as what they were at that moment. Make sense? Didn't think so. And I was not given any special instructions or restrictions. In other words no bed rest or take it easy.

So the past two days I have just gone about my business, ignoring the constant contractions. I have been resting a lot though, but I think that has to do with how uncomfortable it is to walk while having contractions, even when they aren't particularly painful...haha. Since I have no idea which contractions will cause me to dilate and I don't want to go to L&D everyday I figure I have 3 options:

1. Go in if my actual water breaks.
2. Go in if I see his head, or right now, his feet as the little booger is still breech.
3. My contractions make me feel like pushing.

Sigh. I have heard "Oh they are just BH contractions" so many times, from friends and message boards but everything I have read on BH's don't really fit. The frequency for one and the fact that no matter if I am sitting, laying, standing or walking, I am having them. But you never know unless you are dilating and that is a mystery.

So there ya have it. No one seems worried at the moment (well they did at first but my FFN test came back negative meaning that there is a 95% chance I will not deliver this week, but this info was also followed by an "it's not fool proof though")and I have another check up on Monday so we will see where I am at that point. If he's coming then he's coming. I am 33 weeks, still early but I am more than sure he will be fine. He is active as all get out and with the amount of hiccups he gets I'm sure he is strong and healthy.

I'm hungry. Must eat. I'll keep ya posted.


Anonymous said...

Hi this is Pam from Albany, I so enjoy keeping up to date on your progress. I had both my kids at home at a very young age. You can imangine all the questions and concerns I had, every little ache and pain, my midwife did the same thing and said dont call me unless your in labor. I thought I was in labor every moment. Hang in there, I know how frustrating it is for you. Asa is just testing you for years to come. I did have to have them break my water with both. That is one thing I never got to experience on my own. Anyways take care and know that everything will be fine. Your friend pam

Zee said...

Hi Pam!

Well, L&D actually keeps telling me to come in, I'm the one who keeps putting it off...LOL. Thankfully my instinct was correct on Tuesday. If I had not have gone in who knows how far along I would have progressed, maybe I would have had a July 4th baby...LOL. The doc was pretty surprised to find I had started dilating and my cervix was softening. They gave me that shot, not 3 minutes later...LOL. I think they honestly thought I was just not getting enough fluids. Despite the fact that I was drinking like a fish and the contractions weren't slowing down!

Jeff and I went for lunch and then stopped at T.J.Max today to look for a lamp, and I had very hard and long contractions the whole time. I had to keep stopping and sitting...LOL. But since they are no different than what I have experienced the last time I went to L&D, I don't want to waste my, nor their time, seeming paranoid. So I am not going to bother to call unless things get dramatically worse. I know if I called and told them my symptoms right now, they would want me to be checked. That's why this is so annoying, not to mention exhausting. I am sooo damn tired all the time!

Anonymous said...

OK, calling!!


christina said...

okay danea YOU HAVE TO GET THEM TO UNDERSTAND put yourself on bedrest OKAY. please do not think this is bh because it is NOT. don't listen to those stupid nurses and PLEASE put yourself on bedrest. my sis has irratable uterus and has been on bedrest with both pregnancies because it causes her to go into preterm labor so i know what i am talking about.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put yourself on bedrest. no doing anything GOT IT. i am not joking, yes asa i am sure will be fine but more then likely he WON'T be able to go home with you until your original due date, YOU DON'T WANT TO GO THROUGH THAT. soooo please listen to me.

I LOVE YA and asa NEEDS to stay in there LONGER.

please please keep me informed and let your doc KNOW everything and from now on CALL your doc and not L AND D.

Zee said...

Teehee, you are so sweet(in a mean sort of way) Christina. ;)

You can be reassured that I have pretty much stayed in bed or on the couch all week! Oh and occasional comp trips but I don't sit here long. Jeff has taken me for dinner and/or for lunch and the quick run ins to the store. But even those were short 10 minute trips. Truthfully I haven't had it in me to be on my feet any longer. So I really am resting even though not being told to.

It just occurred to me that my regular Doc may not know about any of this since the first contractions actually started the day AFTER my last apt 2 weeks ago. So Mondays apt should be an informative one.

P.S. My regular Doc's office closes at 5 so L&D have been my only options thus far because of timing.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there and eat lots of ice cream:) Will keep praying for you and the little guy.

christina said...

LOL yah i am bossy LOL i can't help it, but it is only because i care MUAH!!!!!!!!!

i am very happy to hear that you are putting yourself on bedrest. that sucks that L&D were the only ones you could call. i bet you money that your doc does not know about any of this. i am really surprised that haven't stuck you on some medicine to stop contractions and keep them gone. it comes in pill form and is probably the same medicine the gave you in shot form. GOD i wish i could remember the name of it LOL.