Thursday, August 02, 2007


This past week has been full of it! I won't get into details but there has been huge drama and stress in my family. The most concerning to me is being worked through and I am not stressing about it, things seem to be getting better on that front. Baby and myself are doing fine so no worries there.

With that said I will add that a certain person, whom I care little for, made a nasty accusation towards me. And by "nasty" I really mean hilarious. But I guess if it's the worst thing he can say about me, then life is pretty good. So here goes:

I am a selfish, self-center and self-promoting person. Why? Because I blog. Yes, you read that right. Damn me and my evil blogging ways!

I had to explain that I blog because almost all my friends and family live out of state or back in Canada and it's a great way to keep people updated and stay in touch with those I care about. Not that I should have to explain myself but some people aren't as bright as others.

Regardless I am done with him and am moving on...moving on to my self-centered and self-promoting portion of this entry... our FINALLY COMPLETED NURSERY!!! Yay!!!

That's right, and ya know what? I am pretty damn proud of the work that Jeff and I put into this room. ooO(Does that make me arrogant and smug too?) It's now the nicest room in the house...LOL. It was hard to get any good pictures because the room is small and the window is at the back and side of the house so lighting is quite dark. I had to stitch pictures together but you'll get a pretty good idea. :)

Click to enlarge:
This is the rocking chair corner. Jeff and I painted the airplanes and he made them into a mobile.

The suitcase and boxes on top of the armoire hold my vintage hats, I needed the storage space so they are disguised as room decor...haha. The black round object up there, is a WW2 airspeed calculator.

The crib wall. The airplanes on the wall I bought on ebay and painted to match the dark furniture wood.

Jeff found and bought this wooden replica propeller. It's so stinkin' cool! The funny thing is, I have been debating for two Christmases in a row whether or not to buy one for Jeff and thought naaahhh, he'd probably think it was a frivolous purchase. Guess I was wrong...LOL. I made the ASA letters and that little bomber jacket is that Gap thrift store find that has "Sample" written on it. We have yet to find one similar and I still haven't taken the time to write the Gap and ask them what this could be. We think it's a manufacture sample that never went into production?

The view from the doorway.

Here are some of the planes we painted. The Red baron was done by Jeff, the other two by me. I painted the lady with toothpicks...LOL.

Phewf! All this self-promoting is exhausting. I need to go lay down.

Hmmmmmmmm, here's a thought to ponder...does that mean that ALL bloggers are self-centered and self-promoting? And what does that say about those who simply read them?


christina said...

well whoever that person is can BITE ME!!!!!!! i could careless what he thinks.

i love the baby's room you and jeff did a fantastic job. pretty soon you will have that cute little bundle of joy to hold in your arms.

LOVE YA!!!!!

ps: sorry i haven't commented in a while. lots of grief and stress going on.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with people these days. Tell them to get a life. You are the sweetest. Does that mean I have no life cause I wait daily for updates and check blogs constantly. Glad you are well. Love the babies room. Awesome job. Pam?(from Albany)

Miss M! said...

From one arrogant and smug beeotch to another, I'm glad you blog! I've gotten static from people from my blog but they aren't important. Ignore 'em!

I love the nursery!

Anonymous said...

Oh my - I'm so glad you aren't listening to him...I love reading about what's going on in your life...that's what I get for living 2 states away!!!

The baby's nursery looks fantastic :) Renee'

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that certain people don't understand your blogging. I enjoy hearing strories about your life & I don't care what that says about me, lol.

The nursery looks fab. Good luck with the remaining days of the pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

I thought thought the whole purpose of a blog WAS to tell people what's going on in your life!?! I'm sorry that someone would say something so out of line to you (not to mention ridiculous!)

Asa's nursery is amazing!! You and Jeff did a fantastic job with it...soooo cute!! Love all the airplanes. Handpainting them must have taken alot of work.

Wishing you all the best with the rest of your pregnany!! --Shelley

donnacr said...

Beautiful room Danea . You and Jeff should be proud of the work you have put into making such a special place for your newest addition ..go ahead gloat about your talent as we love it ! And I don't think because you are a blogger makes you a arrogant or smug ...or if that is the case then there is a lot of us that are ! Hang in there as this crazyiness sounds more like jealousy ........ and that is from a fellow Canadian !

Mom to 2 Boys said...

What an adorable nursery! Great job you two!