Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Girly Day

Sunday my MIL wanted to treat me and herself to a pedicure. She has never had one. Never ever. Even me, with my self conscious, messed up toes have had one. No amount of buffing, massaging or polish will ever pretty these dogs up but it still makes me feel good to look down and see pretty French manicures nails.

I called a tanning salon that had a mailer come in the weekend paper. They were offering a free spa day, so I thought they may do pedicures, no such luck, but I did ask about this "free spa day." We were told it was a hydration treatment, facial and your choice of UV or spray tan. No catch and no cost. So we signed up and headed out to find a nail salon for our much needed pedicures as they are a dime a dozen here. We went to one just down the street that had been recommended and it was worth the time and money. My MIL really enjoyed the pampering. Then we headed to the salon.

In order to partake, we had to fill out some forms, this is where we saw that the hydration treatment was similar to a sauna and not suitable for prego's. So we both scratched that off the list. The facial was a light treatment, again no suitable for prego's but I decided I would be fine with 10 minutes instead of the full 20. And we both opted for the spray tan. So off I went to enjoy my tan while mom did the facial. Oh and of course there was a catch...$8 for the facial lotions. We also had to watch a video on how and what to do with the spray tan.

I felt confident and ready to go. I stripped down buck naked, put on my hair cap, applied the lotion to my hands and feet, which acts as a barrier so you don't get to much spray on them, and stepped into the box. I was a little surprised at how dark it was in there. Not all sun shiny like the video, but my eye's would be closed anyway so I looked past this somewhat spooky dissapointment. I placed my feet shoulder width apart, leaned forward, pressed the green button and assumed the proper stance, sorta like that of a scarecrow with my elbows up and out. 4.3.2....I closed my eyes and then...Holy Crap the most shocking and somewhat terrifying experience ever! There was a sudden VERY loud PSSSSSSHHHHHHHTTTTT! and I was blasted with this cold mist. My plan to hold my breath was destroyed by this instant shock and as my mind raced I remembered the girl saying to take a breath when the spray fanned to your feet. I tried this but that damn fanning motion was so quick that half a breath later it was already back at my neck and the panic of closing my mouth set in. Again trying to take a breath as it moved down, my mind racing. "Now, now, take a breath, stop, here it comes, close your mouth! Shit this is cold! Stop trying to breath! Hold your breath. I CAN'T hold my breath! My God when is this going to end?!".....and then, finally, silence. Oh thank you Lord! I now had 10 second to turn around and get into the second position. Just as quickly the loud cold blast started, giving me a jolt, and by this time I was laughing so hard at the whole thing I had given up trying to remain in the perfect position. I got out and dried off, laughing the whole time.

I decided to be kind and give my MIL the heads up. Lord knows it was a big step for her to try something like this, I couldn't imagine how shocked she would have been. LOL! She was grateful! I chuckled because the girl must have been listening to my recap as I overheard her tell my MIL not to panic and jump out of the booth after just one side or she would only be half tanned...LOL. Now that would have been even funnier! All in all it was worth it and if I had some spare cash to blow I would do it again. Maybe someday. ;)

And now for another picture. This was my 17 week and yesterdays 37 week shot. Looks can be deceiving on how big I am, just note that those where A cups in the first shot along with that belly and in the second they are C's...can you believe it! C's! LOL. So not only did my belly grow...hehehe. Jeff's a lucky man.


Devon said...

You look great!! Funny story about your tanning. Reminds me of an episode of "Friends"!!

Genevieve said...

I do the spray tan thing and the first time was exactly like that! 37 weeks...you're almost there! That shirt sure is a stretchin'! LOL!

christina said...

omg i am lmao right now. i just love how you recap things LMAO. your belly is so cute. soon you will have that cute bundle of joy in your arms.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny!!! Thank you for the laugh this morning :)
You are absolutely beautiful!!!

Miss M! said...

I've never gone spray tanning before, I've only seen it on TV. I was cracking up sitting here at my desk reading that. I bet my coworkers think I'm crazy. I can't wait to see pics of baby Asa!