Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's A good Day

**Please note this post was started last Saturday, but Asa's schedule interrupted me and I am just getting back to it now. Needy lil' bugger.**

Today it rains. It's a good day. Not only do I not have to water, but it's been so long since it's rained that this is a welcomed cozy feeling, just like being back home, day. A great way to end a good week!

The week started out rough. I woke up Monday morning with vertigo. Thankfully I only spun, got dizzy and lost my balance when I turned my head side to side and not up and down. I feared the "up and down" because I was home alone with Asa and I would be too scared to pick him up. Thankfully it wasn't that bad but after lunch and doing the head exercises to help the vertigo, I felt like crap and had Jeff come home early from work.

Tues I felt much better and just took it easy. I finished the layout assignment, my first in over 4 months...yay. It wasn't of Asa and I can't post it until he TT newsletter goes out but I was thrilled to get it done and surprised at how quickly it all came together. As soon as I get my desk clean I'll start another...hehe.

Wednesday I was SUPERMOM. Yes folks, hump day was a great day! I cleaned the living room, dining room, bathroom, dusted, ate lunch, vacuumed, designed a birth announcement..ya ya a little late but it's finally done. I also nursed, bottle fed, had a snack, pumped, did a load of laundry, changed diapers, one being an explosive gravy like disaster AND I made dinner all in 4.5 hours! And, AND this was all done on 6.75 hours of sleep! "I KNOW"...said in my best Monica voice, I couldn't believe it either.

Thursday, I rested. Oh and I started cleaning off my hard drive. I had 2% space left and my comp kept shutting down on me. I am still cleaning it. The Vertigo seems almost all gone now. Yippee!

Friday I continued cleaning off my comp. I erased 1689 emails and still have 300 to go. I'm not kidding. Uh, ya, I need to learn to let go. I am a pack rat by nature. Then Jeff and I went for dinner which was a nice break from cooking at home. You see I have finally started doing something I have been talking about for over 3 years. I converted a card file box into a weekly meal and chore folder. I wrote down every single dinner option that Jeff and I could think of, listed ingredients needed and side options. Then every Sunday we choose the weeks meals, make a shopping list and get what we need. We started this two weeks ago and beside needing one or two things last week, we actually had enough groceries to get by for two weeks, probably even three if we include those frozen skillet dinners which were on sale. :) I hate dinner time and this beats us both staring at the cupboards or giving up and getting a burger somewhere. So not only are we saving money, we are saving our sanity. The other good part is that if on any particular day I feel like switching to something different we can. Like last Monday we decided that cereal would be just fine for dinner...haha.

All this talk brings me to the most important part of my week. Asa. Our little Baby Bear has started making some baby steps. Not only does he look at you when you talk, been doing that for a while, but he now follows you around the room. The other day he was sitting in his bobby pillow and I walked away to go into the bedroom and he tried so hard to watch me that he was straining to look back behind him to see where I was going...hehe. Then on Friday I had fed him a bottle while he was laying on the bobby that was around my waste. When he finished, I burped him and laid him back down. I had done all this at my comp and he was busy looking at everything. That's when I noticed movement. I looked down and he was batting at the string of my hooded sweatshirt. I watched him touch it another time then he opened his hand, stretching his fingers wide, and backed it away slowly. His eyes were big and he had this expression of "I don't know what this is but I don't think I want to touch it." LOL. That's the first time he has reached out at anything and he hasn't done it since...ha.

Lastly we officially have smiles. They are few and far between and there seems to be no known thing that brings them on, nor can I get one on film although I have come close. So here are a couple of pics of my lil' chunk hanging out.

...just because I can, and he can't fight me...haha...

Normally he just eats and sleeps but this morning he decided to do his Elvis, "the later years" impersonation for me. Hearing him sing Love Me Tender melted my heart, and his hip/arm swing was SPOT on!


Miss M! said...

I've only seen pictures of Asa, but man does that baby look like his daddy, and it's not just the hairdo either! He's so precious!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

I totally agree with miss m...Asa looks just like his daddy! He is adorable :)

Anonymous said...

Love seeing new pics of Asa. Glad to hear your all doing good. I love his name to. Take care. Pam

martini said...

Danea, your son ist so beautiful and adorable! And I agree, he really looks like his Dad!

christina said...

i love reading your blog LOL asa is sooo stinkin CUTE i may just drive on down just so i can hold him LMAO j/k.

i can't wait to see the LO and keep those pics of cutie pie asa coming.

Susanne P. said...

i can't believe how much he has changed since i left. what a chubby face the cutie boy has gotten. i hope i can visit a again soon before he walks or something. this time w/out me spending the night in the ER.

make sure to give him an "auntie" squeeze for me. i am so happy you are settling into a routine.

love you.