Thursday, January 31, 2008


Asa AKA:

Grunty Mc Grunterson, Grunty Lou
Slobberin' Bob
Kicky McGee, Kicky Magoo
Squirmy Lou, Squirmy McGee
Snortin' Mortin
Silly Bird, Silly Billy
Starvin' Marvin
Ew Pew Baby
Chunky Money, Chunk
Mr.Cranky Pants
Squiggly Worm
Fusspot, Momma's lil' fusspot
Spitty Magoo
Pukey Mc Pukerson

Just to name a few.


Devon said...

Love the picture!! Mike wants to know if your son is a "Garbage Pail Kid"!! Cute names, I don't really have any for Jacob yet but I'm sure I will soon enough!

Crystalyn said...

Hi Danea! Thanks for the comment on my blog :) I absolutely adore your work and little Asa is just adorable!

Anonymous said...

noodles,noodles mcgerken,A dawg, EH!sa!! funk master A, Asup, Adizzle. Uncle D's funky munkey!

becky said...

he is SO CUTE!!!!

btw, i tagged you!!

mom said...

Now that is grammas boy. What a cutie.