Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do You Hear What I Hear?

"It's a shame really, she's still so young."

That is what I expect will be said when I admit that I think I am losing my mind. Every parent at one time or another has said "You're driving me crazy!" I just didn't expect it to be so soon. It's not that Asa is doing anything wrong, in fact he's not doing anything at all. I believe it to be that darned monitor, and maybe the the air purifier. Come to think of it, it happens when the bath is running too. It happens when there is any constant noise. My mind is playing tricks on me for I hear my child, all the time.

I have mentioned before that Asa awakes "talking". Little moans, sighs, hums, squawks and whimpers. This is what I hear when I KNOW he is sleeping. I am constantly looking over at the monitor, when I should be fast asleep, waiting to see if that arched line of red lights flash. They don't. But the second I lay my head down, I hear him again. I can't possibly be the only mother that hears her child's calls in white noise. Am I? Is this it, have I finally been pushed over the edge of insanity?


It's a shame really, I'm still so young.


Outnumbered said...

the same thing happens to me! it drives me nuts.