Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here's Lickin' At You Kid

Last weekend was a very exciting one for Jeff and I. For the first time, Asa made an actual, OBVIOUS acknowledgeable response. That's right, he stuck out his tongue. Ok, Ok, before you get all "Ya, ya, babies do that all the time." hear me out.

We were sitting at Pedro's on Saturday eating lunch (big surprise there) when Asa started sticking out his tongue. At one point he looked at me and I stuck out mine. He smiled and stuck out his and Jeff and I had a chuckle at this "coincidence". Then he turned back to Jeff and stuck his tongue out again. So I called his name and when he looked at me I stuck out my tongue once more, he smiled and again responded by poking that itty bitty thing between his lips. Can I just say he has the cutest little tongue and I just want to eat it up. Haha. Jeff and I proceeded to go back and forth with him like this for at least 5 minutes. We were cracking up! Asa thought it was the funniest thing and we were so happy to finally have communication, albeit a silly one, with this little guy.

And now this seems to be the newest form of communication in our household. Jeff has been on the other side of the room, and just one motion of his tongue evokes the same response from Asa. I have to say, just like a Cheeseburger Happy Meal, I'm lovin' it! I tried to catch him doing it on camera yesterday but kept missing. As I have expressed in the past, he gets too interested in the camera. But I caught these 2 cute shots, one when he was laughing and sticking his tongue out and the other was just after he gave his tiny tongue sneak peek (which is just so cute cuz the tip is so stinking tiny. LOL.

Then last night I managed to catch this one as Daddy and baby played their new favorite game. I love that they BOTH have their tongues out! LOL.

Speaking of Pedro's...ok so not such a smooth transition, whatever. We wouldn't be able to afford our Sat lunch each week without the 2 for 1 coupon. And since we seem to use a lot of coupons now, baby formula, baby food, diapers, etc... I found it annoying to try and keep track of them, They were always being left at home or forgotten in the deep dark depths of my purse, so I got creative and made a holder! Yay.

It says "I'm not cheap, I'm simply smart enough to NOT pay full price!" Haha. I made accordion style sides for it to expand and the inside has a divider. The back is for all baby products and the front will be for restaurant/other stuff. The dollar sign is from Technique Tuesdays new set Functuation Too. The paper and rub ons are Basic Grey, Heidi Swapp crystals, MM Book Binding Tape and a Bazzill Flower. The whole this was decoupaged. And there are two Velcro strips for closer as I couldn't for the life of me find my Basic Grey magnet closers. I choose blame Susanne for that! But it is possible I have used them all.

Ok, kiddo has awoke from a peaceful slumber and is in need of his mommy...tehe, I'm a mommy! Gotta run.

Later Gators.


Devon said...

cute pics and i love the coupon holder. How cute is Asa, you will have a great portfolio of blackmail pics by the time he is old enough to date!

Susanne P. said...

OMG he is the cutest ever!! that is sweetest little smile. he is quite the charmer the way his eyes light up when he smiles.

btw, YOU told me what drawers to put things in so i am pointing the finger back at you. LOL

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Very cute!...and so is Asa :)

Melissa said...

How fun! This is the best baby stage. :) The coupon holder is also fun!