Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Year

So I don't usually announce that my Birthday is just around the corner but today I shall. It's Tuesday, April 1st. I am mentioning this because family and friends read my blog and since I know what I want this year I thought it would be helpful. See how thoughtful I am?! Please, no need to thank me.

Simply put, I want Amazon gift certificates. I don't care how much triple digits as anything will be a help. That way I can combine them for the big purchases. You see there are photography items I would like to have and would be very advantageous for my upcoming business venture. I added my Amazon wish list on the right, which is strangely filled with baby items. But this is MY birthday not his and once I start making money with the help of my newly purchased Birthday gifts that support my business, I'll buy them for him. See my plan? So there ya have it. Pretty, darn clever if you ask me.

So in other news Asa was a poopoo snot today, between feedings, diaper changes and on my lap playtimes, we did little else. He refused to nap, or play alone. Pretty much he just wanted to be with me. Every. Single. Second. Now don't get me wrong I adore my son, but by 6pm I was weak, famished and needed to put him down so I could nourish my food deprived body. He, of course got angry. So I did what I once said I would never do, and he was happy, and I ate, and all was ...aaaaahhhhh, good.

Yes, that is my son, completely enthralled in some cartoon. I couldn't resist the picture, it was his first cartoon ever. I didn't even know where to find cartoons and had to search the guide until I found something. The first few minutes he sat right forward with his hand on the ground in front of him. But he sat back when he saw me with the camera...LOL. This is how he often sits, with his little hands resting on his pudgy knees...hehe. Now don't be misunderstood this kid sits with us often while we watch tv, and will play on the floor in front of it, just not facing it, so it wasn't his first tv experience, but I don't have it on during the day, just a little while when I have breakfast so he doesn't get to watch much. He will however turn to watch when certain AI contestants sing and if there are guns shooting when dad watches the outdoor gun shows. But for the most part I try and keep his growing baby brain stimulated with more productive & interactive activities like, teach baby to mop the floor, or you're never too young to scrub a toilet.

Good for thinking, dexterity and general motor skill growth.


Miss M! said...

*snicker* Crib Potato.

He sure is completely enthralled in that! What cartoon was he watching?

strawberrygirl said...

Auntie Danea...if you get Farzzles'sorld down there...it is my favourite show! Luv Hunter xoxoxox

strawberrygirl said...

That should be Farzzle's World. You would think a 1 year old could type by now....geez...