Saturday, March 08, 2008

Growing Up.

I sometimes believe that many of our parents (kids born in the 60's & 70's) had us because they didn't want to have to get up and change the channel. We were human remote controls. By 4 I could make my own bed. By 6 dust feared me and at 7 I could clean a dish like no other, even when too short to reach the sink, the second best use for a chair in the eyes of a parent. I was a master coffee maker by 8 and there really wasn't much else I couldn't do. Laundry, floors, toilets, it all got done. Now don't misunderstand what I am saying, we weren't slaves, we just had to help out. Since I was a girl, I didn't have to mow the lawn, or take out the trash. But no one was more happy('cept maybe my brothers) the day my parents bought a tv with a ...wait for it...REMOTE CONTROL! Yay! And the dishwasher was another masterful device, even though it needed to be wheeled across the kitchen, and attached to the faucet. Who cares, I'll load it, you push it.

I doubt there's a parent out there who like Jeff and myself just a few nights ago, hasn't expressed their anticipation of their infant child getting old enough to rake the back yard. Not that I don't think he's growing too fast as it is, but it sure would be nice if he would pick up his own toys and take his full Diaper Genie trash bag out to garbage container. Dirty diapers get heavy fast! My point is, I thought about it and figured, why wait? This kid's got to be good for something, so let's test his skills, make him earn his keep. And so I put him to work.

T is for Teeny Weeny Plumber

Needless to say, he was useless. We'll try again in a few weeks.

Now if you are reading this on Saturday, you will see that today, the 8th, Asa turns 7 months! Sigh. But that's not all, my little guy cut his first tooth yesterday. While feeding him I felt the spoon scrape something in his mouth. We suspected it was coming as he has been somewhat melancholy the past week. Not fussy, just "whatever" and a little more snuggly than usual. I got a glimpse of what I saw was a white spot Monday morning and could feel something under the surface but every time I tried to look he would cover it with his tongue. Just shy I guess. But this morning while playing with Daddy on the floor I caught this wide open view and if you look closely you can see the tooth and just a bit over by his lip I think I can see where #2 is coming in.

Here's a couple more shots of this morning activities.

Babies can be dangerous. Who needs mace when you have this technique down pat?

Ah, I love my boys. :)


Anonymous said...

Well, I can certainly see that he's gonna be a "crack" plumber.
Great shot.

Melissa said...

lol... the jab in the eye takes down the burliest of men, doesn't it!

Susanne P. said...

OMG...butt crack and all. i love it!

Happy Birthday Little Big Man!! Enjoy that new tooth. when you get that second one you show Momma' that she better whatch it if she keeps puttin' that finger in there. lol

Devon said...

OMG I love it!! It's cuter than I pictured it would be! I can't believe he's 7 months! yay for teeth!

Miss M! said...

OMG... the crack... you're too much!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

hee hee hee cute photo!!! He won't enjoy it so much when he's older!