Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1991 Called...

They said to keep the dress.

Next weekend is the MOMSClub year end banquet. The theme is "pageant." Each mom is to pick a persona, for example Miss Soccer Mom, Miss Diapers...whatever you want to be or seem to be as a mom. I debated on Miss Cripple, but I think too many people would get offended, which really is silly as I would be describing myself, but whatever. I have chosen an identity but I am not going to share just yet.

On Sat I went shopping for a gown. I could not believe how few there were in thrift stores. With proms and formal dances happening all the time I would have thought them to be in abundance but it was my third stop before I actually found anything. You see I have an idea and I pretty much just needed something to fit me. My plan is to completely alter it, and I only hope I can convey what's in my head onto an actual gown.

So my "base" of this planned creation is this:

What a flashback! Yes I graduated in 1992 and no my dress did not have black lace on it but there were others whom attended that did...hehe. I just can't decided whether to keep the waist flattering "V" or not? Now in all seriousness I really don't know what year it's from but it certainly LOOKS like it's from the early 90's! Right after taking this before shot I cut off all that lovely black/navy lace and what a difference, if it wasn't for the V this baby would almost be 17 years ahead of it's time...haha. Of course the scrapper/hoarder in me feels I need to keep the black lace, who knows I may want to do a brothel page in the future. Heck, it wouldn't be the weirdest item I have used on a page. Ha!

The next time you see this dress it will have been Daneafied.

Anyone have any guesses as to what I might be doing? If you already know, don't guess!!


karen French said...

No idea on what your title will be. It took me forever to come up with something too. I even changed it at last minute. I mean, who thought this one up??
see you soon, K-

Miss M! said...

I can't wait to see what you do!

Devon said...

I think I know!! So I won't guess. Can't wait to see if it's what we talked about or not!!

Anonymous said...

I think you should of stuck with MS Cripple and I could of gone as MS Autoimmune Anomaly. I haven't a clue what you are planing to go as in that blue dress. Can't wait to find out though and to finally meet you!