Monday, May 26, 2008


Yesterday we went to the Watsonville Airshow. It has become a yearly tradition. It was Asa's second airshow but he was only a couple weeks old at the first so this one actually counted. All I wanted was for him to not be scared of the noise and to my joy he wasn't! He even showed some interest in various aircraft so we were very happy! Last night as Jeff viewed various photos of the days events, he came across one that was still on his card. One that is over 6 months old and made me laugh.

Like father like son. Good times!

Last week Asa successfully moved for the first time and I was prepared! Here's a short video of my little guy angrily "crawling" to get his book. He hasn't realized the potential this sort of mobility has. Soon enough I'm sure, but for now he continues to gripe when we put things out of his reach just to watch him go. Hehe.


Devon said...

Cute!!! He's defenitely going to be on the go more now!! I'm glad that you all enjoyed the air show. I'm hoping to see some of the pics of the boys together on here sometime soon, hint hint!!!

Miss M! said...

Ooh, you're in trouble now!

I like how when you started encouraging him he was like, eh, maybe I don't want the book now!HA!