Monday, May 19, 2008

Negative My Friends

I am better, for the most part. All tests came back negative. I will simplify by stating they [doctors] have no idea what caused everything and pretty much chalk it up to an arthritic flare. So in lieu of a rant I will say that I know, and no I do not have a PHD, that there is no way all those symptoms were simply an arthritic flare. What I believe is that they were a bad reaction to Strep A. In fact I actually believe I may have had a mild case or Rheumatic Fever as all my symptoms fit. Unfortunately there are NO tests for Rheumatic Fever, it is simply a judgment call on the part of the doctor based on symptoms. In my case an arthritic with swelling is seen as just having another flare, apparently regardless of the involuntary muscle contractions, breathing issues and the fact that the joint pain and swelling I experienced was NOTHING like an arthritic flare but fit the symptoms of RF perfectly. But again I said I wouldn't rant so I will leave it at that. I am one who has learned over many years that doctors are not always right, and in this case, despite there being no treatment(other than the antibiotics and Prednisone that they gave me) even if it was what I expect, I believe they were wrong.

Now on to other news... last Thursday, May 15th Asa had FOUR firsts. I was so proud of the little guy! I think he just kept getting smarted as the day progressed. Hahaha!

1. He likes to stand against the back cushions of the couch, he had slid to a sitting position and I left the room for maybe 6-7 seconds and when I returned he was standing back up again! Sadly I never saw him do it nor has he done it since but YAY! for him anyway.

2. He had his first poop on his potty(and has had many more since).

3. He discovered that if I roll the ball to him and he picks it up and tosses it back to me, I will roll it right back to him again. So we had our first game of ball and he gets very excited sometimes, so much so that with some attempts his flailing arms send the ball no where near me but I am thrilled that he grasps the concept and tries anyway!

4. Although he has copied noises before, he thought it was very amusing to mimic daddy every time he coughed. LOL. Jeff would cough,(did I mention we are all sick and have been for over a week now?) this would catch Asa's attention so he would look at daddy and cough back, then give us both a big fat grin. He did this every time Jeff coughed. Sometimes he would even get the correct amount of coughs. It was so stinkin' cute!

It's been a while since I've posted a layout, so here's one I did a few weeks ago. It was just posted on TT's website so I will take that as a "safe to post" cue.

Grandma and Asa

Technique Tuesday Stamps Used: Avalon, Sweet Dreams, A Day To Remember and FUNdamental Postage Frames. The photos were printed at and I used Narratives overlays on them.

The main photo above made me think of a couple pics I took of Asa yesterday. I was trying for a head shot when he discovered a speck on the couch. I have always thought it amusing that his means of studying and exploring new things consists of touching with one finger(like he was doing in the above shot). He feels, scratches, picks, flicks, pushes and pokes, all with his index finger. Granted if possible this is followed by popping said item into his mouth...haha. These two pictures catch him in action perfectly!


Miss M! said...

Great layout (as usual)! I was cracking up picturing him flailing his arms, but the coughing thing is too cute.

Devon said...

Those pictures show exactly who Asa is!! I love them!