Friday, May 09, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

Sometimes I hate doctors.

Since moving here I have had 3 different "family" doctors. I don't usually see a regular practitioner because I am usually dealing with a specialist. The specialist I have seen here at Kaiser have been great. The general practitioners...have been less than desirable. So much so I have felt many times I may as well thrown my copay in the trash as I have left their offices without any answers. Thus the changes in an attempt to find one I like. The search will begin again soon. So here is why I am angry:

More test results arrived this morning. This is exactly what They said:

Component Your Value Standard Range

PARVOVIRUS B19 IGM, EIA 0.2 seefn- index
PARVOVIRUS B19 IGG, EIA 7.2 seefn- index

Now if you are like me, you're probably thinking "Huh?" So I called the nurse hotline which sent a message to my regular doctor to call me with an explanation. (The same guy I saw last Friday who was of little help.) I took it upon myself to email Dr.E also. So my general doctor just called. His {rude} response after I explain what happened over the weekend and why Dr. E ordered these test etc..."I have no idea what these test results mean and since he ordered them he will have to try and figure it out on his own." And after that, pretty much goodbye and good luck.

That's it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Seriously. He wasn't even going to try and figure this out. Talk about pass the buck, droppin' the ball, being an ass. This "technically" shouldn't even be Dr.E's responsibility it should be Dr.Dumbs. If it wasn't for the fact that some of the joints affected were put there by Dr.E then I wouldn't even have him to do this. I am just so thankful that I do. I hate to think about what I would do if circumstances were different, then I would have no doctors to listen to me.

So now I wait again for Dr.E to call. Oh he called last night and said that yesterdays results meant nothing as no results had actually come in yet. He wasn't even sure why that was sent and figured it must have been some sort of computer thing. Sigh.


Now lets for a moment try and get away from my anger and frustration. You see today I am really hurting again and more swelling(most had disappeared by last night) has resurfaced. But yesterday I managed to take some time to play with my new Phototools program while feeling better.

Here's a couple of shots of my niece during my trip home. She was sick in this first one and I had to digitally remove the runny snot from her face...haha. No big deal as I really liked the picture.

This next one is a favorite and I'm not totally sure why. I think because it shows Hunter as her independant self. This little girl doesn't sit still. She is always on the go. Forget being pushed in the storller. She'll push it herself! Ha!


Devon said...

cute pics!! I'm so sorry you are getting the run around. I hope Dr.E calls soon and can decipher the meaning. Keep us updated. Hugs!!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

That really stinks that you are getting the run around!

Your pictures are beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear thing still SUCK ASS!!!...the pics of Hunter are adorable though...could she look any more like your bro????
too lazy to choose an identity!!