Monday, June 02, 2008

A Change In Routine

Creatures of habit.

We've all heard this expression. And for the most part, even those like myself who do not have a strict set of ways to complete their day, all of us have something. For me the most noticeable is my morning tea. But even that has changed over the years. First I enjoyed a Kellogg's breakfast bar with my morning cup of steamy joy. Then I switched to Quaker Oatmeal Bars. Through pregnancy I preferred Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats. But not just my choice of food accompaniment has changed, so has how it's prepared. Since my wrist surgery in 2006 Jeff gets everything ready for me, even the tea bag is in the cup when I wake. All I have to do is turn the kettle on and poor the water. I like this part of my routine the best. Haha.

What was once a quiet time for me to ease into the day is not so much anymore. I no longer head straight to the stove, but instead to the bottles. I no longer sit in piece and quiet but instead listen to babbles of a 9 month old after he is fed and ready to play. My trusty wooden tv tray is my still my table of choice, but entertainment has moved from morning shows to distracting my now mobile child from grabbing & eating things he shouldn't.

It's funny how we can be so set in our ways and not even notice how "our ways" have been changed, or even set for us. Every night for the past 9 months I make a stop, without fail, to Asa's room. I lean over his crib, adjust him if need be, or just simply watch him for a moment. And every night as I lay my head down on my pillow I find myself engulfed in a sensation of happiness. It doesn't matter if I'm hurting, or sick or worried. It doesn't matter what the day has thrown at me, the feeling is always the same. I never imaged this life. Yet here I am living day to day, the landscape of routine ever changing. With complete honesty, thankfulness and even a teeny bit of amazement I can truly say I am happy.

So why write about all this? Because Saturday was our 5 year anniversary. 5 years! Where did the time go? I guess this sparked my thinking, my realization of many things including the fact that it feels like 2, not 5. Or the fact that I am happier now than I was then. How is that even possible?!

We didn't do anything special this year. Just the regular Saturday stuff. But we did have plans for Sunday. A friend of ours was playing at a restaurant in Santa Cruz with his band Mr.X so we headed there for the afternoon. We had a great time and I of course took my trusty camera for some fun shots. Most of these are of our friend Bob and his guitars.


And this is Asa enjoying the music. He was kicked back on dads lap(the only place he really wanted to be all day) drinking his bottle. He propped his feet up on the table and crossed his ankles. I cracked up at how laid back he looked. Not to mention he seemed to really like the music, and was completely unaffected by the volume.

While some some routines change or evolve, I guess one of mine will not. I take pictures. I edit pictures. I post pictures on my blog.


Devon said...

Happy Anniversary guys!! Wow, 5 years!! That's great! Congratulations!!

Susanne P. said...

routines are soothing. it's funny how when i visit you i slide right into your routine and then right back into mine when i get home. eventually you will probably get back to your original one when you don't have to look over your shoulder all the time. lol

Happy belated Anniversary!

traci said...

wow - great photos!!! saw you on 2peas and thought i would pop over!!