Tuesday, July 08, 2008


So I am taking an online photography class. It's just an ins and outs of digital. It's a 4 week course with a new lesson each week. I just finished my first assignments. They were pretty much experimentations with basic camera settings. Anyway the low light assignment helped to shed some light...pun intended... on my hand held skills or lack there of. Needless to say I did get a couple of interesting shots but my test subject was not very happy to volunteer. He was hot, cranky and restless. This made capturing a non blurry shot almost impossible. Almost.

I call this one: Discontent

He was standing between my legs, natural evening window light in a fairly dark dining room.

Ok, my cranky kid is making a fuss for dinner so I will update more later, maybe get a video or two posted. :) Would love some feedback on this picture. I know it has a different not so sweet and smiling child feel but I am very drawn to it. Yikes! Kiddo is doing this weird breathing/grunting through his nose, I really must go...hahaha.


Devon said...

Hey! I know I'm not a photographic expert but here's my take on the pic: I like it, but I think I would like it a bit more if the dark 1/2 of his face was a little lighter, not so dark. But overall a good pic, I love his eyes!

Melissa said...

I agree with Devon. If his face were turned a bit more towards the light, the shadows wouldn't eat up all of his facial details.

Not that I'm an expert, either. ;)

Your son is gorgeous no matter what light he's in. That photo makes him look much older than his almost-11-months!

Zee said...

Thanks ladies. Now I will share that the dark side of his face IS actually lighter in the original picture. You can see his entire eye, although it is still dark. When I started playing with filters I actually found the darker eye distracting at the medium light level it was(make sense?) so I let one of the filters fade it out almost entirely(if you look hard you can still see it). I went back and forth between the eye being light and the eye being dark and I like the more dramatic feel of this finished image.

I think that's one of the reasons I enjoy post editing so much, you can create different emotions with filters. This was just a fluke shot, I wasn't actually trying to get a decent composition, nor was I paying much attention to the light on his face. My goal was simply for a shot to be in focus with such low light. But I do agree the image would have been different and probably better had more of his face been lit.

I didn't share my like of this darker image for it's dramatic feel because I wanted to see what others thought before stating my bias...lol, so thanks again for your input ladies! :)

Miss M! said...

I like his little scowl, and you did a good job with the catchlight (hard to do in low light with a wiggly subject). What I can't get over is how GROWN he looks here. Whoa.

Susanne P. said...

i like the lighting just the way it is. i would be interested in seeing the other one you have just described to compare.

i like the "non-cute, more serious" pictures. babies aren't all rainbows & sunshine. they have bad days, cranky moments, and i think they have moments when they express other moods in different ways other than screaming & crying as well. this is one of his.

Anonymous said...

i like it the way it is it totally captures his "pensive side" not quite the word i am looking for but you get it.....he's adorable!! and looks alot older than he is in that pic!!