Friday, July 11, 2008

Mr. Smarty Pants & His Dad (Mr.Smarty Pants Senior)

Asa will be 1 year in just a few weeks. UGH! How does this happen? ONE YEAR! You have got to be kidding me. Sigh. As sad as I am about the time flying by, I am tickled everyday at how much he grows and learns. It amazes me just how quickly he catches on.

Last month I introduced him to his very own toothbrush. He pretty much just chewed on it. Now I admit, I really don't brush his teeth but maybe once a week he'll be in my bathroom with me and I'll be brushing mine so I'll hand him his. Last Sunday Jeff was in the shower and I was brushing my teeth. Asa was on the floor as usual and when I held out his toothbrush he made a little squeal and boogied on over to me. (By boogie I mean a super fast tummy crawl, not some baby genius bustin' out some John Travolta moves, although that would be mighty impressive...haha). So I handed him his brush and he had at it. I few moments later I turned and with a paste foaming mouth asked if he was doing a good job brushing his teeth. He looked up at me with a smile and started lifting his elbow up and down in an attempt to actually BRUSH his teeth! Can you say proud mommy moment!? I couldn't believe he grasped the concept and was mimicking me. This was maybe the 3rd time we had brushed together. So after daddy came out of the shower we showed him Asa's new skill. Then I ran and grabbed the camcorder in hopes he would still be interested in showing me again. He was! Yay! So here he cleaning his pearly whites...and chin...and cheek...and the air around his face...whatever, I'm still impressed!

Last night he was in his pool. One of his toys is a comb, don't ask just accept it for the stories sake. So I grabbed the comb and gave his wet hair a quick slick back. This was actually the first time I have ever used a comb on him as his hair is fine and I can shape it just fine with my fingers. When I finished, maybe 30 second later, I dropped the comb back in the water to which he immediately grabbed it, reached up to the top of his head and gave it a couple pats. Aaawwww, is he not the smartest little thing. Sure his fine motor skills might suck and so does his hair combing abilities but the fact that he figured this out so quickly is enough to make me want to share this little story on my blog. Proud. So very proud.

Now back to his birthday. Since we will not likely be having a party as we really don't have anyone to invite...haha. I thought I would give some suggestions for those who had wanted to send him something. He really doesn't need much for toys but I was searching amazon and found some cool sets that I liked. I have them listed by priority. So in the top right corner here is my amazon wish list button that is now full of items for Asa. The one thing that he loves that aren't listed on here is books! Right now those hard cardboard books are best as he doesn't really know how to be gentle with paper. He loves his cardboard books so much that they seem to be the one thing he will head for even before toys. He only owns about 6: Goodnight Gorilla, Kiss Goodnight, Pajama Time, Curious George at the Zoo, Baby Animals(the bunny on the front, touch & feel book) and a couple that he got from the doctors office at his checkups, so please feel free to go the book route!!!

Since my blog has slowly been turning into a photo blog as apposed to my original scrapbooking intent, here are a few photos from the Fourth that I have been meaning to share. We spent a couple hours at a local park event. We had a great time and Asa and Daddy were glued at the hip all day. Heck all weekend for that matter! Haha.

My handsome boys at the petting zoo. So sweet.

Asa was more interested in the eccentric hat lady holding the bunny than the actual bunny.

Trying on his shiny new Fireman's hat!

The more entertaining way to wear a Fireman's hat... obviously. He did this for a good 10 minutes while we walked...haha.

Face painting. he was wiggly and squiggly so it was hard to get a good picture. Kudos to Heidi who worked fast to get something on his cheek! LOL.

This picture makes me melt. ;)

Asa and daddy making airplane sounds. This is why both of their lips are pushed out. Baby was soooo tired in this shot, just before we headed back to the car.

One more closeup before leaving. He was fast asleep moments later on daddy's shoulder.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Devon said...

Super cute video!! Love the pics too. I wish we were gonna be there for Asa's birthday. I can't believe he's gonna be 1!!!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Very cute kiddos loved watching it lol - I can't believe it's already time for his birthday! Time sure flies!!!