Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Freakin' Sucky, Crappy, Horrible Day!

Oh it started out great. In fact the past week has been really good. I did another paid shoot on Saturday and am very happy with the shots. I've been working on those and my photography website the past few days. Asa slept for over 3 hours yesterday so I managed to get a lot of work done. Yay!

This morning I received another request for a shoot this Sunday, but I hadn't responded yet cuz my kid needed to eat. He's so needy...haha. I was pretty excited about this shoot because it would give me enough money to order all the packaging AND custom printed pieces I've been wanting.

I finished Asa's Halloween costume, got him all dressed up, make-up too (just a touch of color on his cheeks) and took him outside for a quick photo shoot. Guess what? My camera is broken!!! Everything appears to be in great working order, until you try to actually take the picture. It focuses fine, then nothing. I tried everything I could think of to no avail. So I started doing some online searches thinking maybe I hit a button somewhere. Nope. So I started calling various camera shops and got the same response, it sounds like a shutter problem. Good news is, they think it's fixable, bad news is, it could cost around $300 to fix.

Hold on, just need to wipe my tears and blow my nose.

Ya, I've been crying a bit about this. Why is it that now that things are starting to more forward they have to come to a screeching halt? I don't have the money to fix it and to be honest that's half the price of the new model I've been drooling over, and no I don't have the money for that either. I just don't know that it's worth fixing. And now I have to cancel this next session. I tried looking at Jeff's digital SLR but it's so completely different that there is NO way I could learn it by the weekend. This just F***king sucks. Ya, I said it...but with astreks.

Well, I need to go turn this violin music off and go back to bed. Maybe things will work out better if I start the day over. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

I've never been self-employed--so I'm talking off the top of my head here.

Couldn't you charge the new camera you want? You could pay it off over time as you get photo assignments. Then you could take a tax write-off in whatever quarter you pay your business taxes as it is business equipment.

Zee said...

Well there are a couple problems with that. I don't yet have a business license and intend on taking a business course in the future before getting one. Until you make $4000.00 it is still considered a hobby, so no need for one yet, which is helpful because I can start saving up for those costs. As for charging one, it's just not an option right now. We are doing everything to keep from building any debt.

But I appreciate your input. We'll figure something out I'm sure.

Miss M! said...

Aw, that DOES suck! I'd cry if mine stopped working and it's just a little point and shoot.

I'd say start playing with Jeff's camera anyway. Even if you can't learn how to use it properly in time for the shoot this weekend, you can eventually learn how to use it (especially if he still has the manual lying around) and then you'll have a stand in until you can get yours fixed/replaced.

Susanne P. said...

i agree with sara on starting to learn about jeff's. i am sure you could get some kind of on-line manual. maybe not by this weekend but maybe they would be willing to push their session out a week or so.

i am sorry about your camera. i don't know what i would do and you take way more professional pics than i do.