Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday

It started with cinnamon french toast and since I don't usually make hot breakfasts, this was about the only accomplishment I made today. I had hoped to finish a LO but when I had an hour or so to myself it ended up being spent on the phone and editing images. Missy called from CHA made me a bit nostalgic. I think really she was calling to complain that I only had one new layout in Technique Tuesday's booth. Word on the street is that Eileen wants me to stop getting knocked up so I will come back to work for them...hehe. I'm not ruling it out completely but I told Missy(and Eileen months ago) that I think my designing days are over and that I really want to put my energy into photography and enjoy scrapping for me again. Regardless, it was very flattering to have two ladies bitch about my lack of design presence. Thanks girlies.

We took Asa to the park. Unfortunately the sky opened up about 15 minutes after arriving and we had to run for cover so not to get soaked. As you all know, Asa and I are made of sugar and Jeff certainly wouldn't want us melting away. Ha!

We did however manage a few photos. Asa loves the swings, so much so I try to avoid them as long as possible when we go to a park in hopes to get him to actually play for a while first. Today he made a beeline for it so that is what he got to do before the rain came down on us. Believe it or not my kid is actually quite a happy smiley kid. He just seems to have a hatred for sharing this side with the camera. Thankfully Daddy was able to distract him and I caught some big grins. Jeff pretended to take swing kicks to the face and chest. Apparently watching dad pretend to get bashed and cry out in pain warrants big laughs. Gotta love boys!

Note the slightly more serious face when he sees what I am doing.

But he's having too much fun to care!

I love the hair and grin in this shot despite being slightly out of focus. This makes me hear his laugh and like any mom knows(dads too) that's a great feeling.

And now, for the first time so far...shame on me...Tad!

I am 27 weeks tomorrow and yes those are frumpy black sweats. I wish my lower hand wasn't there cuz I think it blocks just how far out my tummy is at the bottom! None the less, it's a long over due profile shot. Newan, MIL's nick name for baby #2 which is short for "New One" as we yet to have choose a name, spent all yesterday kicking and rolling non stop. Although, I think he tired himself out as today he has been quite mellow. I actually had a hard time watching a movie with Jeff because of his distracting kicks last night. LOL. And twice after going to bed I had to tell him to "Go To Sleep!" as he was keeping me awake. Lil' bugger.

So there ya have it, a lazy Sunday, the best kind!


Anonymous said...

you look back hurts a little for you though :) the shots of Asa...he's such a cutie.
anonymous in abby :)

Outnumbered said...

cute belly!!! love that scarf too!

Susanne P. said...

holy crap, batman!! i can't believe how much your belly grew since i was there! i bet you waddle like a duck now. hee hee

i LOVE the pictures. he is just about the cutest lil' boy i know. (gotta' remember i have a cj).

are you going to put your family and asa pics up on so i can order some??

Miss M! said...

You have the cutest belly - it looks like you swallowed a basketball, which is TOTALLY preferable to looking like you swallowed a VW Beetle, like some people.

I love looking at your pics of Asa because it's like a snewk preview of all the fun stuff I'm going to get to do in a year or so.

Genevieve said...

Aren't lazy Sundays the best? My was actually quite lazy too. I fell asleep on the sofa while Little Miss Reagan was taking a nap and Ethan was in the next room watching "Kung Fu Panda". It was awesome!

You look great! Makes me want to run out and get pregnant again...just kidding!

Anonymous said...

I love these pics. I hate I am not closer so I can enjoy many more moments with Asa. I miss him so much! I miss not watching your tummy grow and sharing all the excitment. I love you all so much! Mom xoxoxoxo