Monday, February 02, 2009



Last Wednesday, while having his diaper changed, Asa started pointing to the top of his armoire. I couldn't make out what he was trying to say but took a guess that he was pointing at Charlie(AKA Chester, but then I think Chester the molester so now it's Charlie. No offense to any one named Chester.).

Charlie is a stuffed cheetah that Jeff bought me many moons ago when we were first dating. He has moved from shelf to shelf over the years but has always been in a position to look over the room he resides in. Since finishing the nursery prior to Asa's birth, he has sat perched atop the armoire. I'm surprised it's taken Asa so long to notice him, especially since Mrs.Lion is up there also, albeit on the other side but he says goodnight to her each and every evening.

Asa squealed in delight the moment I handed Charlie down to him. From that moment on, they have been best buds. Sure Asa plays with some stuffed toys every now and again, usually an hour or so here and there, but this was an instant bond that I can't explain. For two days straight Charlie went wherever Asa did, including naps, snacks and bedtime. What touched me the most was watching Asa play with him. He no longer just holds his toys but really gets imaginative. He reads to Charlie and feeds him. He puts him in his chair and even covers him up if he has his blanket with him. Charlie is a staple in everyday play. First thing in the morning Asa grabs onto him before I lift him from his crib. And Charlie is the first stuffed toy to NEVER be thrown from the crib in the morning. Even Rowan gets tossed, but so far, not the Cheetah.

The first two days with Charlie Asa kept insisting on sitting on a little bench stool by the kitchen. There's not much around it so I don't know why. But the two of them sat playing and talking for quite sometime. Then they watched Yo Gabba Gabba while enjoying a snack all cozy on the couch. This is when I got smart and pulled out the camera! Note: Sara's quilt is in this shot. ;)

Later that afternoon Asa insisted on riding his horse, with Charlie of course!

This next picture cracks me up. After some vigorous riding Asa just stopped, laid his head against Charlie and completely zoned out. For almost 3 minutes his stayed just like this, staring past me. I snapped a few pictures and talked to him. He gave me a soft smile once so he was sorta listening to me but for the most part he was just chillin' on his horse with his new best friend.

The next day Asa and Charlie had their snacks in the nursery rocking chair, per Asa's "Up psss" and patting the seat, request. Not only did Asa share his snack, switching the drink for the snacks and vice-versa but when he was done eating he started reading books. I went to the kitchen(I can see in the room from there) and did some dishes. For almost a half an hour he played. He got really loud a couple times and I thought maybe he wanted down and was afraid to do it on his own since the chair rocks, but when I peeked in, he was was just excitedly reading a book...haha.

Dad got home while the two friends were once again sitting on the stool. Since daddy has a knack for making Asa laugh, I snapped a few more shots of the new best buds.

Today Charlie is wearing a diaper. Asa threw a small fit at the thought of having his diaper changed, but Charlie took it like a man. A man that wears diapers, but man none the less. Thus, Asa followed suit... with a smile.

I have a feeling Charlie will be around for a while.


Outnumbered said...

those pictures are absolutely adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

too cute.....charlie reminds me of ruff ruff and teddy in our house we even had to bring them camping this past summer....cutie pie!!!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

SUch CUTE photos of your little guy!!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are so cute! They however cant beat skype. I love seeing him in action and the kisses are for me LOL love you guys! Mom

Miss M! said...

OMG.. that is the stinking cutest thing ever! Especially the one where they're camped out in the chair with drinks and books.

Devon said...

So adorable!! That is just the cutest thing I've seen. That 3rd picture is just perfect!

Susanne P. said...

love it! what a sweet thing how much he loves the thing that jeff gave you.

he looks way to happy and content. are you sure you don't need me to fly down so he can start teething or something??

DH said...

You're always welcome to come visit Susanne, Asa's teething right now!